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Larmandier Champagne

Larmandier-Bernier is a top name in Champagne. It is a family-run estate in France's Champagne region. The winery is known for its commitment to authenticity, excellence, and sustainability. It is in the Côte des Blancs. This area is famous for its terroir-driven Champagnes.

The History

The Larmandier-Bernier story is linked to the Champagne vineyards. The soil and climate here are ideal for Chardonnay grapes. This grape is the main one they use. The family respects the land. They use biodynamic farming. This means no herbicides or pesticides. They keep the soil healthy and alive. They do little in the vineyard and winery. This lets the terroir show itself.

Their eco-friendly approach shows in the wine. Larmandier-Bernier Champagnes are known for their purity, energy, and precision. The wines have minerality and complexity. They come from places like Vertus and Cramant. These Champagnes reflect their specific lands and vintages.

Old Meets New

The winemaking mixes old and new methods. They use natural yeasts and select grapes carefully. The wines age for a long time. They use low sugar levels. This shows the true character of the wines.

The Wines

The winery has a range of great Champagnes. The Longitude, a Blanc de Blancs, is crisp and vibrant. The Latitude, also a Blanc de Blancs, is more generous. The prestige cuvées, like Les Chemins d’Avize, show the best of single-vineyard Chardonnay. They have minerality and richness. They can age well.

The winery's focus on sustainability goes beyond the vineyards. They save energy, reduce waste, and care for the ecosystem. This connection to nature is ethical and helps make genuine wines.


Larmandier-Bernier has won much praise. Critics like their Champagnes for their elegance and terroir. These wines are enlightening. They show the potential of Chardonnay from a great region.

The brand is a leader in Champagne. They are committed to biodynamic farming and minimal intervention. Their wines reflect their origins. They offer a luxurious drink. Each sip brings the taste of the land and a connection to nature.

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