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Lanson Champagne

Lanson is a prestigious Champagne house with a legacy deeply embedded in the fabric of French winemaking history. Founded in 1760 by François Delamotte, it is one of the oldest extant Champagne houses and has been a purveyor of fine champagnes for over two and a half centuries. Positioned in Reims, the unofficial capital of the Champagne region, Lanson has long been associated with excellence and tradition.

Characterised by its distinctive style that shuns malolactic fermentation, Lanson champagnes are known for their remarkable vitality and freshness. This choice preserves the original character and purity of the fruit, a hallmark of the Lanson house style. Consequently, their champagnes retain a crisp, vibrant structure, often with a higher acidity that contributes to their notable longevity.

Lanson's dedication to vintage champagnes is particularly notable. They have a storied tradition of releasing only in years when the grapes reach perfect maturity, ensuring that each vintage bottle is a celebration of a particular year's unique climatic conditions. The age of Lanson champagnes is also a testament to the house’s patience; they allow their bottles to mature in cellars for at least three years for non-vintage cuvées and up to a decade or more for the vintages, far surpassing the minimum legal requirements.

The House's range includes the flagship Lanson Black Label, a non-vintage blend that stands out for its balanced complexity and is emblematic of the Lanson style. The blend typically incorporates Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier, which are sourced from more than a hundred different crus, ensuring a consistency of taste year on year. This blend is an ideal introduction to the Lanson method, offering a tapestry of ripe fruit, toastiness, and vivacity.

For those seeking the apex of Lanson's craftsmanship, the prestige cuvées such as Lanson Noble Cuvée embody the peak of quality. These are typically crafted from grand cru vineyards and express the epitome of refinement and elegance.

Another standout is the Lanson Rosé Label, a widely acclaimed non-vintage rosé champagne celebrated for its delicate and harmonious expression. Made through the blending method by adding still red wine from Pinot Noir grapes to the champagne, it features a beautiful pale pink colour and a delicate mousse that is both pleasing to the eye and the palate.

Lanson's environmental stewardship is evident in their approach to viticulture. While not universally certified organic or biodynamic, Lanson practices sustainable farming techniques across the vineyards they own and cooperates closely with growers to ensure a respect for nature and terroir.

The brand's legacy extends to its association with major events; it has long been affiliated with British institutions, notably Wimbledon, where Lanson has been the official champagne supplier for decades. This has established Lanson as a beverage synonymous with celebration and victory.

Lanson champagnes also boast a unique packaging feature; some of their bottles come enveloped in a distinctive green neoprene sleeve known as the 'Green Label'. This not only keeps the champagne cooler for longer but is also a nod to the house's history and emblem.

Visitors to Lanson can partake in guided tours of the cellars, which are among the oldest in Reims. These tours elucidate the meticulous process of champagne production and conclude with tastings that offer insights into the depth and breadth of Lanson’s range.

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