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Lanson Champagne

Lanson is a famous Champagne house in France. François Delamotte founded it in 1760. It is one of the oldest Champagne houses. It has made fine champagnes for over 250 years. Lanson is in Reims, a key city in the Champagne region. It is known for excellence and tradition.

Lanson champagnes are unique. They do not use malolactic fermentation. This keeps the fruit's original character. Their champagnes are fresh and lively. They often have higher acidity. This makes them last longer.

The winery focuses on vintage champagnes. They only release them in the best years. This ensures each bottle shows that year's specific weather. Lanson champagnes age for a long time. Non-vintage ones age for at least three years. Vintage ones can age for a decade or more. This is much longer than the legal minimum.

The Black Label is their main non-vintage blend. It is complex and typical of Lanson's style. It usually has Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier. These grapes come from over a hundred different places. This keeps the taste consistent.

For top quality, the brand offers prestige cuvées like Lanson Noble Cuvée. These come from grand cru vineyards. They show the best of Lanson's skill.

The Rosé Label is also famous. It is a non-vintage rosé champagne. They make it by adding red wine from Pinot Noir grapes. It is pale pink with a delicate mousse.

Lanson cares for the environment. They use sustainable farming. They work with growers to respect nature and the land.

The company is linked to big events. It is the official champagne of Wimbledon. This has made Lanson a symbol of celebration.

These champagnes have unique packaging. Some bottles have a green neoprene sleeve. This keeps the champagne cool. It also shows the house's history.

Visitors can tour Lanson's cellars in Reims. These are some of the oldest. The tours show how they make champagne. They end with tastings of Lanson's range.

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