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La Medida Mezcal

Originating from the heart of Oaxaca, Mexico, La Medida Mezcal captures the essence of the region's rich cultural and distillation traditions. Oaxaca is often heralded as the birthplace of mezcal, a spirit known for its complex flavours derived from the heart of the agave plant, or piña.

La Medida takes its name from the Spanish phrase "a la medida", which means "made to measure" or "custom-made". This name is apt, as the brand pays meticulous attention to detail in every stage of the mezcal production process. This ensures that each bottle they produce resonates with the distinct character and flavour profile that discerning mezcal aficionados appreciate.

Employing traditional methods, La Medida's mezcaleros roast the agave in underground pits, ferment them in wooden vats using wild yeast, and distil the spirit in copper pot stills. This age-old process imparts the mezcal with smoky notes, combined with the sweet, earthy flavours of the agave.

One standout feature of La Medida is its commitment to showcasing the diversity of agave varieties. While many are familiar with the Espadín variety, La Medida offers expressions made from less common types like Tobalá, Madrecuishe, and Jabalí, each bringing a unique flavour profile.

In conclusion, La Medida Mezcal is more than just a spirit; it's a representation of Oaxacan heritage. The brand successfully marries tradition with modern sensibilities, providing an authentic taste of Mexico in every sip. For those seeking a deep dive into the world of mezcal, La Medida serves as an exquisite introduction.

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