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Kong Rum brand

KONG has quickly made a name in the spirits industry. They are known for their high-quality rum and commitment to environmental conservation. Their Rainforest editions are more than just spirits. They offer rums with a purpose and a story.

The KONG Rainforest Black Edition is a special spirit. It shows the brand's focus on taste and environmental care. The bottle looks like a gorilla. This rum-based spiced spirit honours Africa's endangered mountain gorillas. There are only 4,804 bottles. Each one is a collector's item.

The ingredients for the Rainforest Black Edition reflect the brand's environmental story. They use bamboo shoots, wild blackberries, jungle celery, eucalyptus leaves, and jungle bananas. These mirror the diet of gorillas in the Virunga Mountains. The spirit has nearly 150 botanical components. This connects the drink to the gorillas' habitat.

Tasting the Rainforest Black Edition is like an adventure through a tropical jungle. The flavours include citrus, oak, and vanilla. These complement exotic and herby notes. The spirit has aged for up to nine years in American white oak barrels. This gives it depth.

The KONG Rainforest White Edition is also impressive. It comes in a white lacquered bottle shaped like a gorilla's head. This honours the majestic creature. With fewer than 5,000 bottles, it appeals to collectors and connoisseurs.

The spirit's taste is fruity with a bit of tartness. It has zesty citrus fruits and Mediterranean herbs and spices. Its light profile is perfect for sipping neat or in cocktails.

Both the Rainforest Black and White Editions show KONG's dedication to a good sensory experience. They bring rainforest tastes to the world of spirits. KONG connects enjoying premium rum with wildlife conservation awareness. Each bottle sold supports protecting natural habitats for magnificent animals.

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