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Jackson's Gin

Jackson's Leicester Gin is a special spirit from Leicester in the UK's East Midlands. It combines the city's history and modern feel in each bottle. This gin is more than a drink; it's Leicester's story in a bottle.

Making the gin

The gin is made with care, using traditional methods. It has a mix of botanicals that reflect Leicester's plant heritage. These ingredients create a complex yet inviting taste. Some botanicals come from around Leicester, connecting the gin to its place.

Flavour Profile

Jackson's Leicester Gin has a rich and varied taste. It starts with a burst of citrus, followed by herbal notes, and ends with a subtle spice. This gin suits many cocktails. It's also good on its own, with ice, or with tonic. This lets the gin's flavours stand out.

The brand's design honours Leicester. The label might have local landmarks, art, or historical figures. This shows Leicester's identity. The bottle is eye-catching and easy to hold. It fits well in any bar or event.

Jackson's Leicester Gin is more than a local drink. It celebrates Leicester's community, history, and place. It captures the city's essence and invites everyone to share its story. Whether you live in Leicester or are just visiting, this gin offers a taste of the city's spirit.

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