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Honey Spirits Co. Gin

Wiltshire is famous for its landscapes and history. It is also home to Honey Spirits Co. This distillery is gaining attention in the craft spirit world. They focus on unique botanicals and honey. They blend nature, innovation, and traditional distillation.

Apoteca Raspberry Gin

One of their main products is Apoteca Raspberry Gin. It has 22 botanicals, with raspberry as the star. The gin has a rye spirit base. This adds a spicy note that balances with the raspberry tartness and classic gin flavours. This gin is great for cocktails, especially a Clover Club, where it enhances the raspberry taste.

Apoteca Horseradish Gin

This gin takes a savoury turn. Apoteca Horseradish Gin mixes strong, spicy horseradish with familiar gin flavours. It has a savoury profile but also sweet juniper and citrus. It's different from other gins. It's for those who like a twist in their spirits.

Apoteca Original Gin

Apoteca Original Gin shows Honey Spirits Co.'s focus on complexity and craft. It has 22 botanicals. They include bee bread, propolis, sea buckthorn, rosehip, and mint. Each sip is a mix of known and new flavours. Tonic water and fresh thyme garnish bring out its botanicals. It's good for any event.

Honey Spirits Co.’s Commitment to Craft

Honey Spirits Co. is committed to quality and authenticity. They use unique ingredients, especially bee bread. This shows their bond with nature and Wiltshire's bees.

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