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Hidden Gem

In the world of spirits, some follow the usual paths, and others find new treasures. Hidden Gem Distillery is one such treasure in Salford. They focus on craft and quality. They offer a range of new and unique spirits.

Salford has a rich industrial past and a lively culture. This is the perfect setting for the distillery. The distillery shows the city's mix of tradition and new ideas.

Hidden Gem makes many spirits, but some are special:

- Gin: Made with care and passion. This gin has a blend of botanicals. It suits both traditional gin fans and those wanting something new.

- Spiced Blackberry Gin: A twist on classic gin. It mixes blackberry tartness with mild spices. This gin brings to mind the British countryside and its fruit-filled hedgerows.

- Bonfire Rum: Inspired by the Irish Pirate Queen, Grace O'Malley. This rum has toffee and spices. Mixed with ginger ale, it brings to life images of bonfires and pirate stories. It's more than a drink. It's like being by a bonfire on an autumn evening.

Hidden Gem Distillery offers more than just spirits. It provides a journey through flavours and stories. It reflects Salford's spirit and history.

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