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Heather Rose Spirits

Douglas Laing & Co., a family-owned Scotch whisky bottler, is known for its expertise and innovation. The company is famous for Scotch whisky. It has also created the Heather Rose spirits range. This range shows the heart of Scottish flora and the tradition of botanical spirits.

The Heather Rose range celebrates Scotland's nature. It brings together Scottish heather and rose petals. This creates a spirit that is bold and subtly complex.

The range is inspired by Scotland's heather-covered hills. These hills bloom with purple flowers. Heather is a symbol of Scotland's endurance and beauty. It often appears in folklore and poetry. The rose, England's national flower, helps link British flora.

The Heather Rose spirits start with a high-quality base. Douglas Laing chooses a clean grain spirit. This lets the added botanicals stand out. The base is like a blank canvas for the infusions.

Traditional copper pot stills are used for distillation. This ensures purity and captures the full essence of the botanicals. The process is slow. This preserves the delicate tastes of the heather and rose.

After distillation, the infusion of Scottish heather and roses begins. The heather adds a wild, honeyed sweetness. The roses add a fragrant quality. The process is carefully timed. The team regularly tastes the blend to get the right balance.

Once the flavour is right, the spirits are bottled. This captures the essence of Scotland. The packaging reflects the quality of the spirit. The bottles often have images of the botanicals.

The spirits are versatile. They can be drunk neat, with ice, or in cocktails. They work well in a highball with sparkling water. They also add a Scottish touch to a gin martini.

Douglas Laing aims to make a spirit that is both Scottish and globally appealing. Each bottle invites you to experience Scotland's wild and romantic essence. This essence is shared worldwide.

The spirits show Douglas Laing's commitment to authenticity and quality. They are open about their methods and sources. This highlights the role of local ingredients and traditional methods.

Douglas Laing's Heather Rose spirits blend tradition and innovation. Each bottle is a tribute to the Scottish landscape and its symbols of heather and rose. It reflects the distiller's passion for quality. This range is perfect for those who want to try spirits that tell a story. This story is woven with Scottish heritage and natural beauty.

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