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Heart of Alba Gin

Gin is known for its varied botanicals and complex tastes. Scotland, with its long distilling history, is part of the global gin boom. Heart of Alba Gin comes from this Scottish tradition. It combines Scotland's nature and expert making in every bottle.

A Tribute to Scottish Roots

Heart of Alba means "Heart of Scotland" in Gaelic. This gin shows Scotland's spirit. It reflects the highlands, lochs, castles, and legends of Scotland.

The Botanicals

The botanicals in Heart of Alba Gin are key. They come from Scotland's countryside. Juniper berries, essential for gin, are mixed with local herbs, flowers, and spices. This blend brings Scotland's landscapes to each sip. It offers the freshness of the highlands, the warmth of the lowlands, and the zest of the coast. This mix makes Heart of Alba Gin both balanced and complex.

Crafted with Precision

Making the Gin is an art. It combines old and new distilling methods. This makes the gin smooth, pure, and full of aroma. Each batch is carefully made. The distillers use their skills to get the right mix of flavours, smells, and textures. The final product is a mix of nature and skill.

A Sustainable Spirit

Sustainability is vital today. The brand focuses on this. The brand uses responsible sourcing, eco-friendly production, and sustainable packaging. Every step, from picking botanicals to bottling, is done with the environment in mind.

A Sensorial Experience

Drinking the gin is a journey through Scotland. Enjoyed neat, it reveals its complex notes. Mixed in a drink, it adds depth, flavour, and a touch of Scotland. Heart of Alba Gin links old and new. It suits both traditional gin lovers and those who like new tastes.

With Heart of Alba Gin, you get more than a drink. It's an experience, a story, and a piece of Scotland. Pour a glass and feel like you're in Scotland, where legends, nature, and the spirit come alive.

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