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HAMA focuses on purity in white rum. The founders were tired of the same stories, tastes, and packaging in the market. They wanted to bring new luxury to the sector. Their goal was to make the smoothest white rum, leading to the creation of HAMA.

The brand aims to bring a new narrative to the industry. The packaging is carefully designed. It draws on modern elegance and sophistication. Its signature look and silky frosted finish make it stand out.

HAMA believes in the uniqueness and quality of its rum. They expect that once people try the rum, they will prefer it.

The range has several products. "Madagascan Vanilla" is a premium white rum. It's made in the Caribbean and crafted in the UK. It mixes fine rum with Madagascan vanilla pods. This creates a unique taste.

"Berry" is another white rum. It combines Caribbean distillation with UK crafting. The rum has mixed berries, offering fruity flavours. It's designed to be memorable, neat or in cocktails.

"Signature" is a top white rum. Made exclusively in Jamaica, it's mixed with pure British water. This rum invites experts and new drinkers to try a new kind of rum.

HAMA aims to change the rum industry. It wants to mix quality, purity, and luxury in a bottle. This reshapes what rum enthusiasts and casual drinkers expect and experience.

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