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Gosset Champagne

Gosset is one of the oldest and most venerable houses in Champagne, boasting a rich history that spans more than four centuries. Established in 1584, this makes Gosset the oldest wine-producing house in Champagne. Rather than the effervescence being the primary highlight, Gosset’s wines prioritise the flavour and integrity of the base wines, emphasising their character and depth.

The house of Gosset was founded by Pierre Gosset in Aÿ, a region renowned for its Pinot Noir grapes. Back in the 16th century, the wines from Aÿ already had a significant reputation, and they were still wines, not sparkling. Pierre Gosset, as a winemaker, was more interested in promoting the quality and richness of his vineyards rather than in producing sparkling wines. As such, early Gosset wines were still red wines, produced from the region's famed Pinot Noir grapes.

The transition to sparkling wine, which the Champagne region is now globally celebrated for, came later. The use of the traditional method, where secondary fermentation happens in the bottle, added the characteristic effervescence to Champagne. Gosset adopted this method and integrated it into its production, but always with an emphasis on maintaining the purity and character of the original wines.

Throughout its long history, Gosset has maintained a commitment to tradition. The house ferments its wines in small, aged oak barrels, a method that allows for subtle oxygenation and development of complex flavours. Unlike many Champagne producers, Gosset also avoids malolactic fermentation. This decision ensures that their Champagnes retain a fresh acidity, which is a hallmark of the house's style.

The Gosset style is notable for its bright fruit, expressive nose, and a generous, powerful character. The wines are typically aged for a more extended period than the Champagne AOC requires, lending them additional complexity and depth. This ageing process also means that Gosset Champagnes can be enjoyed upon release, although they also have significant ageing potential.

Among the offerings from Gosset is the Grande Réserve, a balanced blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. Its depth, combined with freshness, makes it a quintessential representation of the Gosset style. Grande Rosé and Grand Blanc de Blancs are other gems in their lineup, each offering a different facet of the region's terroir and the house's meticulous production methods.

One of the standout cuvées from Gosset is the Celebris, which is only produced in exceptional years. It showcases the very best of what Gosset can achieve, from its intense nose of dried fruits and toasted brioche to its long, evolving, and layered palate.

Gosset’s approach to winemaking is very much about respecting the essence of the base wines. They typically use a minimal dosage, ensuring that the wines remain balanced, but not overly sweet. This method emphasises the wines' natural flavours and the terroir from which they hail.

While the Champagne region is home to many producers, both large houses and small growers, Gosset stands out for its unerring commitment to tradition and quality. Its longevity in the region is a testament to its unwavering dedication to producing Champagnes that speak of their origins and the passion of the people who craft them. Today, as it was in the past, Gosset represents a slice of Champagne's history, showcasing the evolution of the region's wines while maintaining a connection to its storied past.

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