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Gin de Charente

Gin de Charente is a special and unique spirit from France's Charente region. This region is known for its cognac, but Gin de Charente is a new addition. It shows the area's skill in distillation and its move into gin making.

Charente, in southwestern France, has a history of wine growing and distillation. It's famous for cognac. Gin de Charente brings together traditional methods and new ideas.

The gin starts with selecting botanicals. This is important for its flavour. Juniper is a key ingredient. But local herbs, flowers, and fruits from Charente add a unique taste. This includes vine flowers and grapes.

Distillation happens in copper stills, used for cognac for generations. This method captures the botanicals' essence and makes a pure spirit. It connects the gin to the region's cognac history.

Gin de Charente has a layered taste. It balances traditional gin flavours with a Charente twist. Juniper gives a piney sharpness. Local botanicals add floral and fruity notes. Grape-based alcohol makes it smooth and a bit sweet.

The gin is versatile. It's good neat, showing all its flavours. It also works well in cocktails. It's great in classics like Gin and Tonic or Martini, and in new, creative drinks.

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