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Gilpin's Gin

Gilpin's Westmorland Extra Dry Gin is a top-quality spirit with a rich history. Named after George Gilpin, it dates back to 1668 when Gilpin was sent to the Netherlands by Oliver Cromwell. There, Gilpin found 'genever', a Dutch drink, and brought it back to England. This drink later became known as gin.

The name "Westmorland" refers to an ancient county in north-west England, now part of Cumbria. This name links the gin to England's scenic landscapes, known for beautiful lakes and mountains. Gilpin's gin captures this pristine nature in its flavour.

The gin's unique taste comes from a blend of botanicals like juniper, sage, borage, and citrus peels. These ingredients give a balanced flavour that is both classic and modern. It has a dry taste, typical of London Dry gins, appealing to those who like less sweet gins.

Gilpin's gin is made using traditional methods in small batches. This ensures high quality. Distillation in a pot still, a skilled and time-consuming method, adds to the flavour's depth and complexity.

The gin's aroma is clean and aromatic, hinting at its botanicals. Tasting it reveals a dry, crisp flavour. Juniper berries lead, followed by herbal and citrus notes for a refreshing finish.

Gilpin's gin is versatile. It's great in a classic gin and tonic, where its botanical flavours stand out. It's also a solid base for dry gin cocktails.

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