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GH Mumm Champagne

Mumm is a famous name in sparkling wine. It stands for celebration and luxury. Mumm Champagne House, founded in 1827, started as "P.A. Mumm." It has German origins, from the Mumm family of Cologne. The family made and sold wine since the 18th century. Three brothers, Jacobus, Gottlieb, and Philipp, started making Champagne in France.


They chose the Champagne region for its unique climate, soil, and traditions. They set up their business there and used a red ribbon emblem. It was inspired by the Ordre Royal et Militaire Saint-Louis.

By the 1880s, Mumm produced over 1 million bottles. It was popular with royal courts and at diplomatic events. In the early 20th century, Georges Hermann Mumm led the company. He adopted the motto, "Only the best."

Production Methods

The champagne is known for its quality. They use the best grapes, mainly Pinot Noir. This gives the champagne strength. Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier add finesse and balance.

Mumm uses traditional methods, like fermentation in the bottle. This involves adding yeast and sugar. It causes a secondary fermentation. This gives Champagne its bubbles and complexity.

Ageing is important too. Non-vintage champagnes age for at least 20 months. Vintage champagnes age for several years. This adds depth and richness.

The range- Cordon Rouge: Their signature champagne. It's a blend of three grape types. It's fresh and fruity.

- Grand Cordon Rosé: A pink version. It's fruitier and fresher.

- Vintage: Made only in the best years. It's complex and ages well.

- Mumm de Cramant: A Blanc de Blancs made from Chardonnay. It's delicate and light.

- Mumm de Verzenay: Made from Pinot Noir. It's stronger and bolder.

The Mumm Champagne House is a symbol of tradition, quality, and luxury. It's part of celebrations from royal courts to modern events. Mumm represents the best in champagne.

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