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Generation Gin

Located in the heart of Sussex, Generation 11 Distillery carries a heritage that intertwines with the very genesis of gin in England. Rooted in history, the distillery’s story harks back to a pivotal moment when Mary, a distant cousin to the distillery's founders, wed William of Orange. As historical narratives go, William's arrival to England not only bore political consequences – leading to the Glorious Revolution – but he also introduced Jenever, the precursor to today's widely cherished gin.

This union, both marital and cultural, inadvertently sparked a gin revolution in England. The 18th century saw an intense fascination and demand for gin, infamously known as the gin craze. It was an era where gin’s popularity skyrocketed, and its influence embedded deeply into the social fabric of the country.

Drawing inspiration from this historical connection, Generation 11 Distillery proudly associates itself with that lineage, symbolically representing their place in this continuum as the 11th generation. This is not just a numerical identifier but a testament to the enduring legacy and the responsibility of carrying forward the gin tradition that started with Mary and William.

From Sussex, Generation 11 Distillery crafts its own unique chapter in the gin saga. With every bottle, they not only celebrate the contemporary resurgence of gin but also pay homage to their deep-rooted heritage. For them, gin isn't just a spirit; it's a tale of revolutions, both political and gastronomical, interlaced with family history and tradition.

Today, as gin enthusiasts relish the offerings from Generation 11, they are not just experiencing a meticulously crafted spirit. They are sipping on history, a blend of traditions old and new, and a narrative that stretches back over centuries. Through Generation 11, the legacy of Mary, William of Orange, and the transformative power of Jenever and gin continues to thrive.

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