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In Lustenau, Austria, the Freihof Distillery is known for its excellent craft and deep knowledge of spirit-making. It blends traditional methods with new ideas.

Edelweiss Alpine Vodka

Named after a famous alpine flower, this vodka is pure and elegant. It's distilled carefully, capturing the essence of the Austrian Alps. Its crisp taste and smooth finish remind one of snowy peaks and fresh alpine air. It's popular with those who want an authentic Austrian vodka.

Fruit Brandies

Freihof's fruit brandies celebrate Austria's orchards. They focus on pears, a key local fruit. The brandies are full of the aromas and tastes of ripe, sun-warmed fruits. They pick fruits at their best for the most flavour. But pears are not the only focus. Freihof also makes brandies from different fruits, each with its own taste.

Vreimuth Vermouth

Freihof also makes vermouth, called Vreimuth. It's a vintage mix, showing elegance. It's based on old recipes. Vreimuth blends herbs, botanicals, and quality wine. It ranges from aromatic to bitter. This makes it good for cocktails or on its own. Its vintage style shows the care and time put into making it.

Freihof Distillery's range shows its commitment to distilling and to Lustenau's Alpine area. Each product, from the vodka to the brandies and vermouth, tells part of Freihof's story. It's about passion, tradition, and new ideas. Exploring their drinks is a journey through Lustenau's landscape and the skill of distilling.

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