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Forty-Five Vermouth

Forty-Five Vermouth is a new fortified wine. It mixes tradition and innovation. This vermouth has quickly become known for its quality and complexity. It appeals to both new and experienced vermouth drinkers.

Vermouth Ethos

Vermouth comes from Europe. It's aromatised wine with extra alcohol and flavoured with botanicals like roots, barks, and herbs. Forty-Five Vermouth keeps this tradition. They use high-quality wine and botanicals. But they also try new things. This creates a vermouth that honours the past and present.

Making the Vermouth

The process starts with choosing a good base wine. The wine sets the vermouth's flavour. They usually use a white wine with balanced acidity and complexity.

The Botanicals

The heart of the vermouth is in its botanicals. Forty-Five Vermouth blends traditional and new botanicals. They use wormwood, essential for vermouth, and other herbs and spices. These range from common, like citrus peel and cinnamon, to exotic.

They macerate the botanicals in the wine to get their flavours and aromas. They watch this process to balance bitterness, sweetness, and aroma. Then, they add a neutral spirit to raise the alcohol content and preserve the flavours.

Forty-Five Vermouth stands out for its versatility. It's great on its own, offering a sensory journey. But it also works well in cocktails. It adds depth to drinks like spritzes and negronis.

The brand also focuses on educating consumers. They work to make vermouth more known and appreciated. They host tastings, and workshops, and have an active online presence. Forty-Five Vermouth leads a revival in vermouth, inviting everyone to explore and enjoy this fortified wine.

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