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Firebox is known for its unusual gifts and lifestyle products. They offer a unique range of alcoholic drinks. These are for those who want something different from the usual beer, wine, or spirits. Firebox's drinks are more about the experience. They add novelty and fun, making them great for starting conversations.

Unicorn Tears Gin

Firebox's Unicorn Tears Gin is a fun drink. It mixes traditional gin with a magical twist. The gin shimmers are said to be from unicorn tears. It looks stunning and adds a bit of magic to drinking.

Spreadable Alcohol

Firebox offers alcohol-infused jams and marmalades. These have gin, whisky, or rum in them. They bring a boozy taste to breakfast or can be used in desserts.

Novelty Liqueurs

The company makes unusual liqueurs. They have had flavours like chocolate wine and colour-changing drinks. These are aimed at the gift market. They are as much about surprise as they are about taste.

Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies

Firebox also has alcoholic cocktail gummies. These sweets come in various flavours, like Gin and Tonic or Whisky Sour. Each gummy has a set amount of alcohol. They are good for parties or as gifts.

Customised Spirits

Personalised gifts are popular. Firebox offers customised spirits. Customers can add names or messages to bottles of vodka or gin. This makes the gift special for occasions like birthdays.

Market Positioning

Firebox targets younger adults who want novelty in their drinks. These customers like things that are visually appealing and different.

Firebox's approach to drinks reflects their overall philosophy. They aim to create products that bring joy and are different from the norm. Their drinks might not suit a spirits expert. But they appeal to those looking for a unique gift or a playful addition to their collection. Firebox knows how to mix alcohol with imagination.

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