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Family of Hounds

In the realm of distilled delights, 'Family of Hounds' emerges as a brand synonymous with camaraderie, the joy of loyal canine companions, and an undeniable passion for the art of distillation.

"Drinking with the pack” isn't just a motto for Family of Hounds. It's an ethos. It draws from memories of cherished evenings spent with good friends, indulging in gourmet food, and sipping on impeccably crafted spirits. It’s a testament to how the bonds of friendship, just like that with our four-legged companions, can lead to exceptional creations.

The distillery's dedication to their craft shines through in their offerings. Their London Dry Gin, for instance, is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. With nine meticulously chosen botanicals, it champions the classic notes of juniper and citrus fruits, embodying the timeless essence of a traditional London Dry Gin.

For the adventurous palate, the Nero Pepper London Dry Gin offers an invigorating twist. This variant is uniquely infused with juniper and Sichuan pepper, promising a taste sensation that tantalises and excites.

But the craftsmanship doesn't end with gin. The Red Potato Vodka is another standout in their repertoire. Sourced from Piemonte, this vodka carries a subtle hint of vanilla, ensuring a smooth finish with every sip.

Family of Hounds is not just about spirits, it's about capturing the spirit of cherished memories, friendships, and traditions, ensuring every drinker feels like they are, indeed, drinking with the pack.

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