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Enmore Rum

Enmore Rum comes from Guyana. It is a well-respected rum for its unique production and history. Made at the Enmore Distillery, one of Guyana's oldest, it represents traditional Guyanese rum-making.

The Enmore Distillery started in the early 19th century in the village of Enmore, Guyana. It became famous for using wooden pot and column stills, a method rare in modern rum production. This old method gives Enmore Rum its special character.

The spirit is being distilled in a wooden Coffey still. This is the last one of its kind. The wooden still adds complexity and depth to the rum's flavour The rum has a complex and rich taste. It is full-bodied with a balance of sweetness and spice. You can taste tropical fruits, caramel, toffee, and a subtle woodiness. The rum is also slightly dry and earthy, different from other Caribbean rums.

Like many premium rums, Enmore Rum ages in oak barrels. This softens the rum and adds more flavour. Guyana's tropical climate speeds up ageing. This makes the rum rich and complex, even when young.

The original distillery closed in the late 20th century. But its legacy continues. The wooden Coffey still moved to the Diamond Distillery. It still makes Enmore-style rum.

The brand has a dedicated following in the global market. Its unique character and history make it popular with collectors and enthusiasts. It is especially valued in Europe and North America.

Enmore Rum is great for cocktails. Its robust flavour works well in a range of drinks. It suits cocktails that need a strong rum flavour.

The producers of Enmore Rum focus on sustainability. They aim to source ingredients responsibly and reduce their environmental impact.

Looking ahead, Enmore Rum is set to keep its place as a unique and valued rum. As the spirits market grows and consumers learn more, demand for rums like Enmore Rum is likely to increase.

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