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Enigma Absinthe

Absinthe, also known as "The Green Fairy," has a mysterious history. It's linked to bohemian artists, secret Paris nights, and a controversial past that led to a ban in the early 20th century. One notable brand is Enigma Absinthe, known for its quality and intriguing name.

Enigma Absinthe comes from traditional distilleries in France and Switzerland. The name "Enigma" reflects the drink's complexity and mystery. Today's enthusiasts seek an authentic absinthe experience with Enigma.

The absinthe is made using traditional methods. It has a vivid green colour from natural botanicals. Its main ingredients – wormwood, anise, and fennel – are key to real absinthe. The spirit is distilled, often twice, to reach an alcohol content of 50-75% ABV.

Enigma's louche is special. When water is added, it turns cloudy and opalescent. This happens when water drips over a sugar cube on a spoon above the glass. The essential oils from the botanicals create this effect. Enigma's louche is a sign of its quality and rich botanicals.

The taste of Enigma takes you into traditional absinthe. It starts sweet with aniseed and moves to herbal notes, ending with a slightly bitter wormwood finish. This taste has captivated many, from 19th-century poets to modern mixologists.

Today, while myths about hallucinogenic effects are disproved, absinthe is still unique. Enigma Absinthe offers a rich flavour and connection to Absinthe's past. It's for experts and new drinkers alike. Enjoy it traditionally with water and sugar, or in modern cocktails. Enigma Absinthe is a reminder of Absinthe's lasting appeal.

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