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Dropworks Rum

Situated in Nottinghamshire, at the very heart of Britain, Dropworks Distillery stands as a testament to innovative rum production. While the location might not be the first one thinks of when discussing rum, Dropworks has solidified its presence with a commitment to the craft, experimentation, and the finest of ingredients.

At the heart of the distillery's process is the use of the finest molasses, which undergoes fermentation with a specially cultivated trinity yeast strain. This choice of yeast, combined with the meticulous distillation on their bespoke stills, lends the rum its distinctive character. Once distilled, the spirit is then matured in Dropworks' own barrels, spread across three unique ageing locations.

What makes Dropworks truly distinctive is its range:

Clear Drop: A pristine representation of rum, this variant is un-aged and showcases the pure spirit in its rawest form. The slow-motion distillation creates a product described as softer than a "velvet cloud of silk". Versatile in its usage, Clear Drop is perfect for those who appreciate the untainted essence of rum.

Funk Drop: A treat for the aficionados, this rum is fermented with the pioneering Wild Trinity yeast and distilled in a special Double Retort still. The result is a rum bursting with ‘FUNK’ – a term aficionados would recognise as indicating rich, ripe, fruity aromas. It's a rum that promises to add an explosive touch to classic cocktails like Daiquiris.

Spice Drop: Revolutionising spiced rum, Dropworks has produced this variant without adding any external spices. Every flavour note is derived from the raw ingredients themselves, an accomplishment that showcases the distillery's commitment to natural, unadulterated processes.

Dark Drop: The newest addition to the family, Dark Drop is a twice pot-distilled rum enriched with the lusciousness of molasses. The resultant flavour profile is a blend of sweetness with a hint of smoky pepper, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy their rum with a twist.

While the products themselves speak volumes, Dropworks also extends an invitation to enthusiasts to visit the distillery and witness the magic firsthand. A visit promises an immersive experience, where one can truly appreciate the fusion of tradition and innovation that goes into every bottle.

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