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Doragrossa is a brand with a rich history in drink-making. It plays a key role in Turin's famous liqueur production. Doragrossa's history goes back to when Turin was a centre of both mysticism and science. In the mid-16th century, figures like Nostradamus and Paracelsus were in Turin. Alchemy mixed with early scientific inquiry here.

Turin's 17th-Century Trade

In the 17th century, Turin's royal court life boosted trade. Exotic spices came to the city from Genoa. These spices and local vineyards, especially Moscato, influenced local food and drink-making.

Doragrossa's Origins

Doragrossa gets its name from the Dora Grossa District, founded in 1573. This district was Turin's centre for liqueur-making. It had many alcohol producers and became key in Europe for spirits and liqueurs. In 1583, King Carlo Emanuele of Savoy helped the industry. He gave a tax break for liqueur and spirit production. This encouraged master distillers to come to the area.

Turin's Distilling Recognition

In 1712, the French text "Nouvelle instruction pour les confitures et les liqueurs" praised Turin's Ros Solis. In 1739, the “Università degli Aquavitai e Confetturieri” started. It awarded the title of 'Master Distiller' to top students.

1800s Turin

By 1800, Turin, with 70,000 people, had 30 liqueur makers, 42 distillers, and 21 wine producers. It also had many cafés and wine bars. The “Vermouth hour” before dinner became popular. It was a time to enjoy vermouths and liqueurs with local food. This helped Turin's drinks get international fame.

Doragrossa Today

Doragrossa keeps its heritage and traditions. The brand honours its past while reviving old flavours. It offers a range of liqueurs, vermouths, and spirits. This gives a taste of history.

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