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Donut Rum

Boozy Donuts is an exciting new twist in liqueurs. It turns doughnut flavours into a drinkable treat. This brand makes liqueurs more interesting. It offers 'finally, a more thrilling liqueur!' These drinks are tasty, natural, vegan, and gluten-free. They attract many dessert and drink fans.

The story behind Boozy Donuts is about Captain Hanson Gregory. He was an American sailor who invented the doughnut hole in the 19th century. His diaries talk about a ritual with his crew. They soaked doughnuts in rum on voyages across the Caribbean. This created a great flavour. Gregory wanted to share this mix of sweet pastry and rum with everyone. Boozy Donuts, made a century later, honours him.

Boozy Donuts stands out for using Caribbean rum. This adds extra sophistication to their liqueurs. They are all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free. This makes them inclusive for all to enjoy.

The range:

- 'Dark Choc & Cherry' blends dark chocolate and cherry. It's inspired by Dark Choc & Cherry doughnuts. Enjoy it alone, on ice, with coffee, in ice cream, or in cocktails.

- 'Roasted Hazelnut' is perfect for those who love sweets. It has the taste of roasted hazelnuts. It's inspired by Roasted Hazelnut doughnuts. Drink it on its own or with other drinks and desserts.

- 'Cookies & Cream' combines cookie dough and vanilla. It's based on Cookies & Cream doughnuts. Like the others, it can be enjoyed in various ways.

- 'Salted Caramel' mixes caramel and a hint of sea salt. It is like Salted Caramel doughnuts. This liqueur is great for those who like a sweet treat with a twist.

Boozy Donuts is more than a brand. It is an experience that combines history, tradition, and innovation. It offers a unique approach to liqueurs. It is rooted in a love for exploration and flavour.

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