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Domaine Vincent Paris Wine

Domaine Vincent Paris is in the Northern Rhône Valley, France. It is known for its excellent winemaking. Vincent Paris, the owner, is a skilled winemaker. He is committed to improving the traditional winemaking methods of this famous wine region.

Vincent started in winemaking early, learning from his uncle, Robert Michel. Robert was famous in Cornas for his great wines. Vincent's first vintage was in 1997. Since then, he has focused on making wines that truly show their origin.

The winery's vineyards cover about 8 hectares. They are mainly in Cornas and Saint-Joseph. The vineyards have a lot of biodiversity and different types of soil. Some vines in Cornas are over 90 years old. This adds complexity and depth to the wines. Vincent's approach to vineyard management is ethical. He uses practices like manual ploughing and minimal intervention. This keeps the vines healthy.

The Northern Rhône's terroir is unique. It has steep slopes and a temperate climate. This helps the Syrah grapes develop a robust, aromatic profile. The granite-rich soils, especially in Cornas, add minerality to the wines. This creates a depth that wine experts worldwide appreciate.

Domaine Vincent Paris makes several wines. Each one shows Vincent's dedication to expressing the terroir's unique characteristics. The "Granit 30" and "Granit 60" are named after the vineyards' slope and the vines' age. "Granit 30" comes from younger Syrah vines on gentler slopes. It is vibrant, with fresh, fruity notes and a peppery undertone. "Granit 60" is from older vines on steeper slopes. It has a concentrated flavour, with dark fruit notes, spice nuances, and a lasting minerality.

Another notable wine is the "Geynale". It comes from a plot of ancient vines planted in 1910. This wine is a tribute to the history of the Cornas region. It is made with whole clusters and ages in older barrels. This creates a wine with depth, complex flavours, and great ageing potential. The old vines add intensity and richness to the "Geynale". This makes it popular among collectors.

Vincent also makes Saint-Joseph wines. They are known for their elegance. They have a more approachable character but still show the region's minerality and vibrancy.

Vincent's winemaking process is both scientific and artistic. He uses a non-interventionist approach in the cellar. This preserves the grape's natural quality. He uses partial whole-cluster fermentation and a limited amount of new oak. This lets the fruit itself be the main focus. His wines are known for their purity, energy, and precision. They capture the Northern Rhône's terroir in every vintage.

Vincent Paris stands out among Rhône winemakers. He is dedicated to the land, pursues purity in winemaking, and respects tradition while being open to innovation. His wines are not just expressions of the terroir but also of his journey as a winemaker. They show the skill, passion, and dedication of a man who devotes his life to the vines, grapes, and the art of making captivating wines. For both enthusiasts and critics, Domaine Vincent Paris is a sign of the lasting appeal of Rhône wines. It shows a legacy of quality, authenticity, and the charm of Cornas and Saint-Joseph.

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