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Domaine Dupont

Domaine Dupont is in Normandy, France. It is famous for making Calvados, a type of apple brandy. The distillery has a long history of excellent craftsmanship. It is known worldwide for its apple brandies.

The distillery began in 1887 as a farm and cider house. The Dupont family has years of experience in growing apples and making cider. In the 1980s, they started focusing more on making Calvados. This change happened under Etienne Dupont, who had learned winemaking in the Cognac region. The family's old expertise and new ideas transformed the distillery.

The land is key to their Calvados. The orchards are in the Pays d'Auge region. The area has a special climate and limestone-rich soils. This is perfect for the 13 types of apples they grow. The apples range from bittersweet to tart.

The distillery uses organic methods to grow apples. They believe that better apples make better Calvados. They pay careful attention to picking, fermenting, and distilling the apples.

Domaine Dupont uses double distillation in traditional copper stills. This method is typical for the Pays d'Auge area. It makes the spirit aromatic and robust. After distillation, the spirit ages in oak barrels. They use a mix of old and new barrels. This affects the taste and quality of the Calvados.

The ageing process is important. The spirit changes as it interacts with the wood and the cellar environment. It becomes deeper, more complex, and richer.

Their range of Calvados shows tradition and innovation. They offer young, fresh spirits and older, more complex ones. The "Réserve" is aged for at least three years. The "Hors d'Age" has a richer taste and is aged for over six years.

Domaine Dupont's Calvados is well-known and has won many awards. The distillery is a leader in making Calvados. It shows how tradition can meet innovation.

Visitors can tour the distillery. They can see how the apples are turned into Calvados. Tasting sessions are part of the tour. Domaine Dupont is more than just a distillery. It represents the history, culture, and passion of making Calvados in Normandy. Each bottle shows the Dupont family's dedication, the local terroir, and the appeal of a spirit that has been loved for generations. Domaine Dupont's Calvados is unique. It tells stories of apples, time, and French tradition.

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