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Discarded Spirits

Discarded Spirits Co. is a drinks brand known for its sustainability and zero-waste principles. They are unique in the spirits industry for turning waste into premium spirits.

Their Discarded Sweet Cascara Vermouth is one example. Cascara, the fruit of the coffee berry, is usually thrown away after the beans are extracted. Discarded uses it to make a vermouth with a complex, sweet taste. This shows their dedication to reducing waste.

Another product is their Discarded Banana Peel Rum. Banana peels, often discarded after flavour extraction, are given a new life. They ferment and steep them in alcohol. This creates a rum with rich, fruity flavours of toffee and spice.

They also produce Grape Skin Vodka. Grape skins, a by-product of wine-making, are fermented to make alcohol. This is then distilled into a clear, crisp vodka with a hint of fruitiness.

The approach isn't just about the spirits. It extends to their packaging and marketing. They use recycled materials and their branding reflects luxury without waste. Their packaging highlights the spirit's quality while being eco-friendly.

Discarded Spirits Co. is more than just a brand. It's a statement in the drinks industry. They urge consumers and companies to rethink what is disposable. They show the hidden value in 'waste'. Their range proves that sustainability and quality can coexist. It offers a responsible yet indulgent taste.

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