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Derbyshire Distillery

Derbyshire Distillery, started in early 2018, has become known in the UK's craft spirits market. It's in Derbyshire, an area famous for its history and nature. The distillery reflects this heritage and the growing interest in artisanal spirits.

Max Vaughan founded the distillery. His aim was to make high-quality spirits with a local touch. They mix traditional methods with modern technology. This gives precision and consistency in making small-batch spirits.

The distillery uses copper pot stills. These are key for their spirits' purity and taste. The copper removes sulfur compounds during distillation, leading to a smoother product.

Their range includes various gins. These have become popular in the UK. They use botanicals, some from Derbyshire. This gives a local flavour. It also supports the local economy and reduces their carbon footprint.

Their main product is Chesterfield Gin. It comes in different types, each with its own taste. Options range from classic London Dry to strawberry- and pomegranate-flavoured gins. They also make vodka and may add more spirits. They have won awards for their quality.

Sustainability and community involvement are important to them. They work to reduce waste and energy use. They also join community events. This helps teach people about distilling and the importance of local businesses.

The distillery offers tours and gin-making classes. These let visitors see the distillation process and make their own gin. This helps connect them to the craft of spirit-making.

Looking ahead, Derbyshire Distillery plans to keep innovating while honouring Derbyshire's traditions. They combine local identity with exceptional spirits. This adds to the UK's craft distilling scene and shows off Derbyshire's artisanal scene.

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