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Darroze Armagnac

Darroze Armagnac is known for tradition, heritage, and French distillation art. It's in Gascony and is famous for its excellent Armagnac. Darroze has a deep history with the Bas-Armagnac region. It is a key ambassador for one of France's oldest eaux-de-vie.

Jean Darroze, born in 1920, started the journey. He opened a renowned restaurant in Villeneuve-de-Marsan. His son, Francis, brought the family into Armagnac making. After joining in 1959, he built ties with local producers in Bas-Armagnac.

By the 1970s, Francis Darroze was selecting top Armagnacs from these producers. Each one showed the unique terroir and character of its source. He became a master selector. He bottled each Armagnac under the producer's name. This respected each estate's uniqueness. This practice is key to Darroze's philosophy.

Darroze's range is vast and varied. The bottles age in oak barrels, some for decades. They are ready when the Darroze family says so. Darroze Armagnacs are often vintage. They tell a story about the region's climate and harvest.

The house stands out for its natural approach. Their Armagnacs have no additives, colouring, or sweeteners. This is rare today. This purity shows the true spirit and its origins. Marc Darroze, Francis’s son, now leads. The family continues to respect natural ageing. This makes their Armagnacs authentic and exquisite.

The Armagnacs have a complex sensory profile. The smell ranges from rich dried fruits and nuts to floral notes. This depends on their age and source. The taste can show deep oak and vanilla in older vintages. Younger ones are fresh and vigorous. They may have spices, chocolate, and local Gascogne terroir. This gives a lasting finish that is robust and nuanced.

Collectors and connoisseurs like Darroze for their Grand Assemblages. These span ages from 8 to over 50 years. Marc Darroze blends Armagnacs from different estates to create these. They offer a taste of the Darroze ethos.

For a more unique experience, Darroze’s Unique Collection has single estate vintages. These show unmatched character. They represent Darroze's top craft and Bas-Armagnac's varied soils and climates.

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