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Cuckoostone Distillery is inspired by the Peak District. They make spirits using local botanicals, new techniques, and Derbyshire history. They respect both tradition and new ideas in spirit-making.

Their “Spirit of Eyam Black as Death Gin” remembers Derbyshire's history, like the Eyam Plague. Its logo shows a plague doctor. The gin gets its colour from butterfly pea, mallow flowers, and hibiscus. It has lemon, ginger, and meadowsweet among other botanicals. This gives it a rich, vibrant taste.

The “Peak Heritage” range includes “Master of the Peak”. They source botanicals from the Peak District. “Master of the Peak” is a London Dry-style gin. It has crab apples, bilberries, fir, and red clover. It offers a juniper-led taste, like the countryside.

“Gin is Dead” brings new life to traditional London dry gin. It has ginger, meadowsweet, pink peppercorn, and citrus. Made in small batches, it adds a unique touch to classic gin.

“Forager's Blend Gin” in the Peak Heritage series uses gorse flowers. This adds soft vanilla and coconut notes. The “Hedgerow Harvest Gin” has blackberries, bilberries, raspberries, and crab apples. It shows the distillery's skill in blending different flavours.

“Poacher's Rest” is a botanical vodka in the Peak Heritage range. It has crab apple, nettle, lemon balm, and fir needles. This makes it complex and good for cocktails.

The “Royal Sovereign Navy Strength Gin” is from the North West's Lake District. It has Douglas fir, crab apples, and bilberries. It offers a strong taste of resinous herbs and subtle fruits. It's great for a G&T.

Each Cuckoostone Distillery spirit tells a story of local places, history, and complex flavours. Drinking their spirits is an exploration of place and time.

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