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Copper Frog Distilling

Copper Frog Distilling, stationed in Exmouth, brings together the rich tapestry of England's distilling history with an innovative, artisanal approach. Far from the bustling metropolis, in this coastal town, the distillery stands out, not just for its handcrafted spirits, but also for the attention to detail in its presentation.

A notable hallmark of their gin bottles is the beautiful hand-wax dipping, giving each bottle a distinctive, artisanal feel. This process not only seals in the gin's freshness but also adds a tactile, luxurious element to the product, emphasising the brand's commitment to craftsmanship both inside and outside the bottle.

At the heart of Copper Frog Distilling is their gin. Comprising a well-balanced blend of botanicals, each sip offers a harmonious interplay of flavours, anchored by the classic juniper note. But it's not just about the liquid inside. The meticulous care, from distillation to wax-dipping, highlights the distillery's overarching ethos: a dedication to the craft, an emphasis on quality, and a respect for tradition.

In an era where production is often about volume and speed, Copper Frog Distilling stands as a testament to the value of taking one's time to ensure excellence in every drop and every detail. This Exmouth-based distillery serves as a beacon for those who cherish the finer things and the hands-on approach in spirit production.

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