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Compañia Vinícola Del Norte de España Wine

The Compañia Vinícola Del Norte de España (CVNE), or Cune, is more than a winery. It's a key part of Spain's wine history. Based in the Rioja region, CVNE started in 1879. It has helped shape Spanish wine's global image.

Eusebio and Raimundo Real de Asúa founded CVNE. They wanted to make timeless wines that showed Rioja's unique land. The winery is still family-owned. This keeps their original values alive through the years. The company was a leader in new winemaking ways in Spain. A big step was building a gravity-flow winery in the 1940s. Designed by Alejandro de la Sota, it mixed tradition and new ideas.

There are vineyards across Rioja. They vary from mountain foothills to river banks. Each area's climate and soil add something special to the wines. CVNE focuses on quality grapes for quality wines. They use sustainable methods, caring for the land and vines naturally.

CVNE offers different wines. There are strong reds, fresh whites, and lovely rosés. All keep the Rioja feel. The Imperial and Viña Real wines are well-known. Imperial is a classic Rioja. It has dark fruits, spices, and a vanilla touch. Viña Real offers fresher, fruitier wines.

CVNE keeps up with modern winemaking but stays true to its roots. They also focus on sustainability. They reduce water use, use renewable energy, and recycle. This helps protect the land for the future.

For over 100 years, Compañia Vinícola Del Norte de España has been a top name in Spanish wine. It blends old and new, tradition and innovation. Its wines reflect Rioja's varied land. But CVNE's real story is its care for the land, people, and winemaking art. As wine changes, CVNE will stay a leader. It holds the spirit of Rioja and a tradition of excellence. It's set to keep leading for many more years.

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