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Cihuatán Rum

Cihuatan Rum is a new premium spirit from El Salvador. It has quickly gained notice for its quality and unique origin. Both rum experts and casual fans find it interesting.

The name "Cihuatan" comes from the Nahuat language of the Pipil people. It means "The Land Beside the Sleeping Woman." This refers to a nearby ancient Mayan city and the Guazapa mountain.

Licorera Cihuatán produces the rum. It's part of Grupo Cihuatán, which also does agriculture, including sugarcane. The distillery started in the early 2000s. It's now known for making quality rum.

The rum-making blends tradition and innovation. They grow their sugarcane. This ensures good quality. The sugarcane juice is fermented and then distilled in modern stills.

El Salvador's warm days and cool nights are ideal for ageing rum. The rum ages in American oak barrels that once held bourbon. This adds complexity and smoothness. The barrels are stored in a natural climate. This affects the rum's taste.

After ageing, the rums are blended. The master blender mixes rums of different ages. This creates various unique rums. The range includes:

- Sahumerio is a blend of rums up to 12 years old. It has dried fruit, chocolate, and spice notes.

- Indigo, aged for eight years, is a tribute to El Salvador’s national flower. It balances sweetness and spice.

- Nikté is a limited edition. It ages in bourbon barrels. It has floral, vanilla, and tropical fruit notes.

The rums are smooth and approachable. Common tastes include vanilla, caramel, and tropical fruit. There are also oak and spice notes. The texture is velvety. These rums are good neat or on the rocks.

Cihuatan Rum represents El Salvador's culture. Each bottle tells a story from its history. This brings attention to El Salvador's rum, history, and folklore.

The distillery focuses on sustainability and community. They manage the whole production process. This ensures responsible farming. They also take part in community projects. This shows their social responsibility.

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