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Chilgrove Gin comes from the South Downs in West Sussex, England. It's known for being one of the first gins made from grape alcohol. This method, similar to fine brandy production, gives Chilgrove a smooth and refined character.

The idea for Chilgrove Gin was to create a spirit that combines traditional gin with the luxury of grape-based spirits like Cognac. The founders were inspired by England's wine heritage. They aimed to capture this elegance in a gin that respects the UK's gin history.

The grape alcohol is carefully chosen for its purity. It serves as a base for the botanicals. These include traditional and local ingredients like juniper, coriander seed, and sweet orange. Another key ingredient is wild-water mint from the South Downs.

Chilgrove offers a familiar yet original gin. It has a juniper aroma, complex herbs, and a hint of citrus. The grape base adds a full-bodied feel. This complements the crisp botanicals. The finish is clean with floral, peppery, and citrus notes.

The gin showcases English craftsmanship. The distillation is done with great care. This ensures high quality. The gin is good neat, on the rocks, or in various cocktails.

As a new brand, it quickly gained a reputation for quality and innovation. It reflects the British spirit-making tradition. The use of grape alcohol sets Chilgrove apart. It shows a trend in the spirits industry towards experimentation.

Chilgrove Gin blends tradition with modernity. The grape base adds smoothness. Paired with selected botanicals, it creates a complex and inviting gin. It's suitable for gin lovers and newcomers. Chilgrove offers a unique take on the classic gin experience.

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