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Cara Sur Wine

Cara Sur is a well-known small winery in the Barreal Valley, San Juan, Argentina. San Juan is less famous than its neighbour, Mendoza. But its lesser-known status and unique land make Cara Sur special. The winery is run by Sebastián Zuccardi and Francisco Bugallo. They focus on making wines that show the true nature of their land and old vines.

Terroir and Vineyards

The winery is near the Andes. The high-altitude land leads to big temperature changes. This helps grapes ripen well, keeping their rich flavours and fresh acidity. The vineyards are over 1,500 meters high. The vines grow in sandy and alluvial soils. This makes them produce fewer but more concentrated grapes.

Cara Sur gets its grapes from very old, ungrafted vineyards. These vines are rare and offer diverse genetics. This is unlike many wine regions that use standard clones. The vines are old and farmed organically without chemicals. This helps the grapes show the true character of the land.

Winemaking Philosophy

Cara Sur's winemaking is simple. It focuses on natural processes. They use natural yeasts for fermentation. This adds to the wine's unique taste. The winery's approach is to interfere as little as possible. They let the wine develop on its own. This makes their wines vegan-friendly and very natural.

They mature the wine in concrete eggs and secondhand oak. This lets in small amounts of oxygen without adding too much oak taste. This careful process adds to the wine's complexity while keeping its natural fruit flavour.

The Wines

Cara Sur's wines are unique. They make wines from Criolla Grande and Cereza grapes. These grapes are important in Argentina but often overlooked. Cara Sur turns these grapes into deep, complex wines.

Their red wines are fresh and vibrant. They have red fruit tastes, floral notes, and earthy undertones. They are often medium-bodied with good acidity and minerality. The white wines are aromatic and crisp. They have a special texture.

Sustainability and Community

The company is committed to being sustainable. They care for the land and save water. This is important in dry San Juan. The winery is small, allowing for hand work. This ensures precision and supports the local economy and community.

In short, Cara Sur is more than a winery. It shows the potential of San Juan's land. It stands for simplicity and respect for nature in winemaking. Their wines tell stories of the soil, vines, and human touch. They show a love for minimal interference, pure taste, and deep respect for the land and its history. Cara Sur offers an authentic experience for those exploring Argentina's wines.

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