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Canmore Whisky

Canmore whisky is a Scotch whisky brand with a fascinating history. It is linked to the House of Canmore, a Scottish dynasty, and King Malcolm III. Known as “Canmore,” meaning “Great Chief” in Gaelic, the king ruled from 1058. He was bold and brave. These qualities are reflected in every bottle of Canmore whisky.

Making the whisky starts with malting barley. The barley is soaked in water and germinates. This lets the first flavours develop as starch turns into sugar. The malted barley is then ground and mixed with water. This creates a sweet liquid called "wort". Yeast is added to the wort for fermentation. This process turns it into alcohol over two days. The mixture is then distilled in copper pot stills. After that, the “new make spirit” is aged in ex-bourbon barrels. This is where it gets its unique flavours from the white oak. After ageing for years, the whisky is ready. It offers a bold and complex taste typical of a Highland malt.

Canmore whisky celebrates King Malcolm III's courage and ambition. It is a classic single malt, complex and smooth. It suits both new and regular whisky drinkers. The flavour is robust but not too strong. There are no strong peat, sherry, or oak tastes. It is a well-rounded whisky, loved by experts. It is available for those who want to try a piece of Scottish history and craftsmanship.

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