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Bruxo Mezcal

Bruxo Mezcal combines Mexican tradition with modern craft. It's named after the Spanish word for 'wizard', reflecting the magical process of making mezcal. This brand came from friends passionate about Mexico's unique spirit. They wanted to celebrate mezcal's creation and honour the mezcaleros, the master distillers.

The process starts with the agave plant, grown in Oaxaca's valleys and mountains. These plants can take up to twenty years to mature. Harvested by hand, they're cooked in an earthen oven with volcanic rocks, wood, and charcoal. This slow roasting gives mezcal its smoky flavour.

The cooked agave is then crushed, traditionally with a stone wheel. The mashed agave ferments naturally with wild yeasts in wooden vats. This stage can last from one week to a month, transforming the sugars into alcohol.

Distillation is the final step. The fermented liquid is heated, and vapours are condensed, often in copper stills. Bruxo's meticulous distillation captures the agave's pure essence. The clear, unaged mezcal can be bottled immediately or aged for more complexity.

The company offers various mezcals, celebrating different agave species. Each type, from Espadín to rarer varieties like Barril and Cuishe, brings unique flavours. They also make Pechuga, a special mezcal with fruits, grains, and freshly roasted agave, believed to enhance its body.

Bruxo's commitment extends to sustainability and community development. They work closely with local producers, ensuring fair trade and community prosperity. Bruxo is more than a spirit; it's a celebration of culture, community, and the art of mezcal-making.

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