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Bloom Gin

Bloom Gin is a unique and refreshing craft gin with a floral profile. It offers a taste of an English garden in full bloom, perfect for any time of year.

Joanne Moore, one of the few female Master Distillers, created Bloom Gin. She first distilled it at the G&J Distillery in England, with a history dating back to 1761. Moore wanted to make a light gin for drinking neat or in a G&T. She launched Bloom Gin in 2007. Her expertise has made a gin that celebrates botanicals.

The gin uses classic juniper, but it's the chamomile, pomelo, and honeysuckle that make it special. These botanicals are balanced. They give a smooth and nuanced taste that appeals to many.

The pomelo adds a vibrant, citrusy freshness. The honeysuckle brings a sweet, aromatic quality. The chamomile adds calming, earthy notes for a mellow finish. These botanicals, with pure water, make a subtle and elegant gin.

Bloom Gin's packaging is as graceful as its contents. The bottle has floral designs, showing its botanical nature. It looks premium and is great for home bars or as a gift.

Bloom Gin is versatile. It's good for those new to gin and for seasoned enthusiasts. It works in many cocktails, like a classic gin and tonic. It pairs well with mixers and garnishes that enhance its botanical notes. For example, a gin and tonic with elderflower tonic and fresh berries is popular.

Joanne Moore has also made flavoured gins and ready-to-drink options. This keeps the brand relevant and responsive to changing tastes and lifestyles. Bloom Gin is also eco-friendly in its production.

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