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Blinking Owl

Blinking Owl Distillery in Santa Ana, California, shows the state's rich farming history and innovation. It draws from California's diverse landscapes and communities. Blinking Owl has quickly become known in the craft spirits sector.

Location and Inspiration

The distillery overlooks the heart of Santa Ana. Its name, Blinking Owl, comes from local stories. It symbolises a watchful guardian. The distillery carefully oversees every step of production, from grain to glass.

Crafted with Precision and Passion

Blinking Owl's products show the range of Californian flavours:

- Blinking Owl Aquavit: Inspired by Scandinavian aquavits. This uses wheat, malted barley, and ten botanicals, including dill and caraway. The Santa Ana flower adds a unique West Coast touch.

- Blinking Owl Gin: Made from Californian wheat and malted barley, it has 13 botanicals. These include citrus peels, sage, and hibiscus. It captures a Californian summer day.

- Blinking Owl OC Orange Vodka: This vodka uses Valencia oranges, capturing Orange County's zest.

- Blinking Owl Rye: A nod to traditional rye whiskies, it blends organic California rye, wheat, and barley. It's rich in spices and vanilla.

- Blinking Owl Four Grain Bourbon: This bourbon uses four grains. It delivers a range of flavours reflecting California's agriculture.

Sustainability and Community

The brand focuses on sustainable practices and local organic sourcing. It works closely with California's farmers. The distillery engages with the community, hosting events, tours, and tastings. It invites people to learn about distillation.

Blinking Owl Distillery combines Californian heritage with modern distillation. Its range, from the zesty OC Orange Vodka to the rich Four Grain Bourbon, shows California's richness and a commitment to excellence. The distillery sets a high standard for Californian spirits and inspires distillers worldwide.

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