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Benanti Wine

Benanti Winery, on Mount Etna's slopes in Sicily, Italy, excels in wine production. Since the late 19th century, the winery has been a leader in the Etna wine movement. The focus is all about quality and the region's unique terroir. Mount Etna's volcanic soil and varied climate provide excellent conditions for grape growing. The Benanti family are long-time owners. They focus on local grape varieties like Nerello Mascalese and Carricante. They blend traditional and modern techniques to produce wines which represent the land.

The winery's vineyards span different areas on Mount Etna. Each has its own microclimate and soil. This diversity gives each wine unique characteristics. The Benanti family carefully cultivates these grapes, ensuring they reach their full potential.

Benanti's wines are known for their elegance and character. The red wines are largely from Nerello Mascalese grapes. They are noted for their red fruit flavours, spice, and smooth tannins. Their white wines are made from Carricante grapes. They are appreciated for their acidity, mineral tones, and freshness.

Sustainability is key at Benanti Winery. They focus on environmental care and responsible farming. This preserves the region's biodiversity and vineyard health. This approach enhances their wines and shows their commitment to land preservation.

The winery, set in an 18th-century villa, is also a wine tourism destination. It offers vineyard and cellar tours, wine tastings, and insights into the winemaking process and family history.

Benanti Winery has earned accolades and awards, highlighting its role in the Etna wine scene and the quality of its wines. Their international recognition showcases the potential of Etna's terroir. It also highlights the Benanti family's skills.


Bepi Tosolini is a renowned name in Italian spirits, especially for grappa. The distillery was founded by Beppe Tosolini post-World War II. It is based in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy, and aims to transform grappa from a rough spirit into a refined one. Beppe was a pioneer in producing clear grappa using his own steam stills to purify it. He also aged grappa in ash wood casks, which softened its taste without the heavy tannins from oak.

The Tosolini family has since expanded the range. It also includes amaro, limoncello, and Amaro Tosolini, noted for its balanced taste. They select top-quality grapes and track distillation. The products are made using only the purest part of the distillate.

Now run by Beppe’s grandchildren, the distillery maintains high standards and offers tours and tastings. Their products include various grappas. Their limoncello is made with Sicilian lemons and has a superb flavour. They also produce fruit brandies and cocktail-inspired spirits.

Bepi Tosolini has embraced sustainability, using natural resources and minimising environmental impact. This approach ensures the purity and quality of their spirits. The distillery has earned many awards, confirming its status as a top producer of Italian spirits. Bepi Tosolini is a symbol of traditional craft and modern innovation in distillation.

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