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Bellevue Rum

Bellevue Rum, from Guadeloupe in the Caribbean, is a hidden gem among rum lovers. Guadeloupe, a French territory, has a long history of rum production. Bellevue Distillery has been active since the late 19th century. It is located on Marie-Galante, known for its sugarcane heritage.

Bellevue's distillery benefits from rich, volcanic soil and a tropical climate. This is ideal for growing high-quality sugarcane. They use traditional and modern distillation methods, including a column still. This process ensures a purer distillate and gives Bellevue Rum a unique profile.

The fresh sugarcane juice is fermented with natural yeasts, resulting in a complex rum that combines sweet and vegetal notes. This agricole rum reflects the true character of the region's rums.

After distillation, the rum ages in oak barrels. The tropical climate speeds up the maturation, developing complex flavours quickly. The rum gains notes of vanilla, caramel, and spices from the barrels. Some rums age for many years, becoming premium sipping rums with depth and character.

The range includes both unaged and aged variants. The aged rums offer a layered flavour experience, from toasted oak and tropical fruit to subtle tobacco and earthy notes.

Bellevue Rum is versatile. Younger rums are great for cocktails, adding Guadeloupean flair to classic drinks. Aged rums are best enjoyed neat or with a splash of water, revealing their complex flavours.

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