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Belgin, a 100% Belgian gin, has captured global attention with its exceptional craftsmanship. Did you know that gin production dates back to the 13th century in Belgium, where juniper berry spirits were distilled in Bruges? The brand's name pays homage to this rich 500-year-old Belgian tradition of infusing spirits with aromatic herbs.

Belgin Fresh Hop Gin marks the harmonious fusion of gin and hops in a delectable and uniquely delightful concoction. This Belgian gin takes the spotlight with the aromatic embrace of Belgian hops, accentuated by a careful selection of 16 botanicals, including juniper, delicate coriander, and zesty citrus peels. Characterised by its floral, soft, and elegant profile, this gin is equally enjoyable on its own or as the star of your favourite cocktails.

BelginFresh Hop Gin undergoes a meticulous artisanal distillation process, delivering an exceptional gin rooted in Belgian terroir. Its perfect equilibrium is achieved through a blend of diverse ingredients, most notably fresh Belgian hops, Eastern European juniper berries, mild coriander, and the zest of Mediterranean lemons.

Belgin Spéciale Gin presents a generous recipe of 17 botanicals, encompassing juniper, Belgian hops, lavender, thyme, lemon, and lime. The assortment of botanicals is meticulously distilled in an alembic still, culminating in a smooth gin that embodies the essence of a London Dry style, perfect for elevating the classic G&T experience.

The intriguingly named Belgin Ultra 13 Dry Gin reveals its Belgian origin with a playful twist. The number 13 isn't arbitrary; it signifies the precisely balanced blend of 13 botanicals that give this gin its distinctive character. This exquisite concoction includes juniper, angelica, orange, lemon, lime, bergamot, cloves, coriander, cardamom, vanilla, hops, gentian, and cinnamon. Ideal when sipped in a G&T garnished with orange peel, this gin also shines when used in a juniper-infused rendition of an Old Fashioned cocktail.

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