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ARLU Rum, hailing from the vibrant landscapes of the Caribbean, is an embodiment of artisan craft, innovation, and tradition. Created by the Salford Rum Company, ARLU sets a distinguished standard, marrying the exuberant essence of the Caribbean with resolute British character, thereby offering a delectably unique series of rums that cater to a diverse spectrum of palates.

The ARLU Rum range, nuanced and thoughtfully crafted, includes various expressions that work wonders in cocktails. For instance, the Original Spiced Rum offers a harmonious blend of vanilla, ginger, clove, and hints of orange to achieve a seductively smooth and spicy profile, perfect for either mixing or sipping over ice. The Passionfruit & Mango variant, on the other hand, is a luscious exploration into tropicality, blending the robustness of rum with the sweet, tantalising notes of exotic fruits.

Further, ARLU's Blood Orange variant offers a zesty, citrus-infused journey, balancing the boldness of blood oranges with the classic, mellow sweetness inherent to its rum base, providing a lively and refreshing drinking experience. These varied expressions within ARLU's portfolio appeal not only to traditional rum enthusiasts but also to adventurous souls seeking to explore beyond the conventional realms of this spirit. Whether crafted into inventive cocktails or savoured neat, ARLU’s rums provide a spirited journey through diverse, delectable landscapes.

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