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Amass Spirits, based in Los Angeles, California, blends botanical innovation with classic distillation methods. They are known for their high-quality spirits, including gins and vodkas. These products have unique botanical profiles that reflect both the local area and a global taste.

The ethos focuses on quality, purity, and botanical diversity. They source the best natural ingredients locally and globally. This ensures each spirit shows their commitment to excellence. Their approach mixes traditional distillation with modern botanical infusions. This creates complex, nuanced, and flavourful spirits.

Their gin is a flagship product. It goes beyond traditional gin, which focuses on juniper berries. The gin has a range of botanicals, including rare and exotic ingredients. These are chosen for their flavours and how they blend. The gin has layers of citrus, floral, and herbaceous tones. This offers a modern twist on classic gin.

Amass also makes a premium vodka. It uses locally sourced ingredients and is known for its smoothness and clarity. This comes from careful distillation and filtration. Amass Vodka keeps a subtle character and texture. It has a clean and crisp finish that shows the quality of its ingredients.

Sustainability and mindfulness are key to their production. They aim to reduce their environmental impact. This covers everything from ingredient sourcing to distillation and packaging. Their commitment to sustainability shows a broader ethos that values nature.

Amass Spirits also focuses on beautiful packaging. Each bottle is designed to be attractive and show the spirit's botanical complexity. Their bottles are not just products but works of art.

Amass Spirits stands out for its use of botanicals, commitment to quality and sustainability, and modern approach to traditional spirits. Their products celebrate the diversity of natural flavours and ingredients. They are crafted with care to offer an exceptional drinking experience. Amass Spirits are enjoyable neat, on the rocks, or in sophisticated cocktails. They deliver a unique and satisfying taste.

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