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Spanish Mixers

Spain is renowned for its rich culinary culture, exquisite wines, and flavorful spirits, but its contribution to the world of beverages extends far beyond these staples. The country has a burgeoning industry of drinks mixers, essential components for crafting the perfect cocktail or enjoying a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage. From the zesty ginger beer to the classic tonic water, Spanish mixers embody a commitment to quality and a deep understanding of flavour dynamics.

Tonic Water

Tonic water, a quintessential mixer in any bar, holds a special place in the Spanish beverage scene. The country has seen a surge in artisanal tonic water brands, each bringing a unique twist to this classic mixer. Spanish tonic waters are often characterised by their balanced bitterness, fine carbonation, and subtle botanical infusions. Brands such as 1724 Tonic Water, named after the altitude of the Andes where its quinine is sourced, offer a premium mixer option that complements the complex flavours of high-end gins.

Ginger Beer and Ginger Ale

Ginger beer and ginger ale, both favourites for their spicy kick and versatility, are also well-represented in Spain’s mixer market. Spanish ginger beers tend to lean towards the spicier side, making them excellent partners for dark spirits in cocktails like the Moscow Mule or Dark and Stormy. Ginger ale in Spain, on the other hand, is appreciated for its smoother, more refined flavour, perfect for sipping on its own or mixing with whisky.


Cola, a global favourite, takes on a new life in Spain, where artisanal brands emphasise natural ingredients and reduced sweetness. These colas offer a more mature and sophisticated flavour profile, catering to an audience that appreciates the nuances of a well-crafted mixer.


Lemonade and bitter lemon are staples of the Spanish mixer market, reflecting the country’s love for citrus flavours. Spanish lemonades are often less sweet than their international counterparts, highlighting the natural tartness of the lemons. Bitter lemon, a mixer that combines the zest of lemon with a hint of bitterness, is a popular choice for those looking to add a zing to their drinks.

The rise of craft cocktail culture in Spain has further fueled the demand for high-quality mixers, with bartenders and consumers alike seeking out the best ingredients to elevate their drinking experience. Spanish mixers are now being recognised not just as accompaniments to spirits but as standalone beverages worthy of appreciation.

Quality and Production

This focus on quality extends to the production methods used by Spanish mixer brands. Many opt for traditional techniques, slow carbonation processes, and natural ingredients to ensure a superior-tasting product. The water source is also a critical factor, with brands often highlighting the purity of the spring water used in their mixers.

Sustainability is another key aspect of the Spanish mixer industry, with brands increasingly committed to environmentally-friendly practices. From using recyclable packaging to sourcing ingredients locally, these companies are taking steps to minimise their impact on the planet while delivering a premium product.

The diversity of the Spanish landscape and its agricultural bounty also play a role in the mixer market, with regional specialities and flavours making their way into the bottles. This results in a range of mixers that reflect the rich terroir of Spain, offering a taste of the country’s diversity.


In terms of serving and presentation, Spanish mixers are often enjoyed in large balloon glasses, with plenty of ice and a garnish of fresh citrus or herbs. This method of serving not only enhances the drinking experience but also allows the aromas and flavours of the mixers to shine.

Spain’s drinks mixer market is a vibrant and dynamic segment of the beverage industry, characterised by a commitment to quality, innovation, and a deep appreciation for flavour. From tonic waters infused with botanicals to spicy ginger beers and sophisticated colas, Spanish mixers offer a world of flavours waiting to be explored. Whether enjoyed on their own or mixed with spirits, these beverages embody the spirit of Spanish craftsmanship and the country’s love for a good drink.

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