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Finnish Spirit Spirit

Nestled in the heart of the Nordic region, Finland is a land where the rhythm of nature is profound. With its vast, silent forests, tranquil lakes, and the magical phenomenon of the midnight sun, Finland has an enigmatic charm. It’s no surprise, then, that Finnish spirits mirror this captivating aura, presenting a delightful blend of traditional craftsmanship and the bountiful gifts of nature.

The Foundation: Pure Finnish Water

Central to any spirit is water, and Finland is home to some of the purest water sources in the world. Finnish lakes, fed by glacial streams and untouched by industrial pollution, offer a clarity and purity that's second to none. This water, soft and neutral, forms the foundation of Finnish spirits, imparting them with a clean, crisp profile that’s hard to replicate elsewhere.

Koskenkorva Vodka

When one thinks of Finnish spirits, Koskenkorva Vodka undoubtedly springs to mind. Produced in the village of Koskenkorva since the 1950s, this vodka is the epitome of simplicity and quality. Made from locally grown barley and that pristine Finnish water, it's a smooth spirit that embodies the essence of its homeland.

Gin with a Finnish Twist

While gin might have its roots in England, the Finns have embraced it and added their unique spin. Finnish gins often incorporate indigenous botanicals, making them stand out on the global stage. Brands like Napue have received international acclaim, with their gin being flavoured with local herbs such as meadowsweet, cranberries, birch leaves, and sea buckthorn. The result is a gin that’s refreshing with a tantalising tartness, perfect for a Nordic-inspired gin and tonic.


Aquavit, a spirit deeply rooted in Nordic tradition, also finds its place in Finnish distilleries. Traditionally flavoured with spices like caraway, dill, or coriander, Finnish versions often bring in a touch of local flora, infusing the spirit with unique aromatic profiles.


The cloudberry, a golden-orange berry that grows in the wild, moist regions of the Arctic tundras, is a cherished Finnish delicacy. Its rarity and distinct flavour profile have led to the creation of Lakka, a cloudberry liqueur. Sweet, with a hint of tartness and a luxurious amber hue, Lakka is often enjoyed as a dessert liqueur or used in crafting innovative cocktails.

Heritage and Modernity

What's particularly intriguing about the Finnish spirits scene is the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. While some distilleries focus on perfecting age-old recipes, others are not afraid to experiment, creating spirits infused with wild herbs, seasonal fruits, or even smoked using local woods.


Finland, with its deep connection to nature, has always been at the forefront of sustainability. This ethos extends to its spirits industry. Many Finnish distilleries practice sustainable farming, ensuring that their raw materials, like barley or rye, are grown without harming the environment. Waste is minimised, and there's a conscious effort to reduce the carbon footprint, making Finnish spirits not just delightful to the palate but also kind to the Earth.Finnish spirits are a testament to a land that treasures its natural heritage. Whether it’s vodka distilled from the finest barley, gin flavoured with wild cranberries, or liqueur that captures the soul of the elusive cloudberry, Finland offers a spirits experience that’s rich, authentic, and deeply rooted in its pristine landscapes. For enthusiasts looking to explore a realm where nature and craftsmanship dance in perfect harmony, Finnish spirits are a journey waiting to unfold.

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