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Estonian Flavoured Gin

Estonia, a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, known for its ancient traditions, dense forests, and stunning coastlines, has been fast catching up with the global gin renaissance. As with many parts of the world, the traditional gin categories have seen an evolution with the introduction of flavoured gins, and Estonia is no exception. The country's unique natural resources, long history of foraging, and an innovative spirit have set the stage for some distinctive flavoured gins.

Many of the flavoured gins coming out of Estonia draw inspiration from the nation's diverse landscapes and ecosystems. The forests, which cover almost half of the country, offer an abundant selection of botanicals like wild berries, herbs, and roots. The flavours these ingredients bring range from tart to sweet, earthy to floral, making them perfect additions to gin.

One of the standout features of Estonian flavoured gins is the reliance on locally-sourced and often wild-foraged ingredients. Juniper, the primary ingredient in traditional gin, grows abundantly in Estonia's forests. To this staple, distillers might add wild lingonberries for tartness, cloudberries for a hint of sweetness, or spruce tips for a unique resinous note. These forest-derived botanicals lend the gins an authentic taste of Estonian nature.

Beyond just the ingredients, the innovation lies in the distillation processes. While some Estonian gin makers stick to the traditional methods, others are experimenting with techniques like cold-compounding, where botanicals are steeped in the spirit post-distillation, giving the gin a more pronounced and fresh botanical profile.

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