Edmond Briottet Tres Vieux Marc de Bourgogne 70cl

French Brandy • 70cl • 43%
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Edmond Briottet Tres Vieux Marc de Bourgogne
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Country French Brandy
Distillery/Brand Edmond Briottet

Briottet Marc

Aged for quite a long time, this marc is distilled from the Pomace of grapes used to make Bourgogne wines.

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This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Edmond Briottet Tres Vieux Marc de Bourgogne
nice but could be smoother
Full flavoured, though slightly rough around the edges. Smoother equivalents can be found further South (Marc de Garlaban)
Simon , United Kingdom
3 years ago
drink and enjoy
don't set fire to it, enjoy the fine flavour, it doesn't deserve to be in a stew!
paul c , United Kingdom
4 years ago
nice stuff
has a nice flavour, with an earthy acidity and grapefruit flavours, perhaps with some oak? but the aroma is strong and overpowering and whilst it is perfect for adding to a boeuf bourguignon, use sparingly - unlike brandy in cooking as the food will really take on the flavour... flambe a tablespoon into a boeuf bourguignon and it will give a rich flavour that blends perfectly with the wine
simon b , United Kingdom
6 years ago