Fancy checking out a cracking whisky festival courtesy of us and Glen Scotia Distillery? Well, now you can because this competition is giving you the chance to win a trip to the Campbeltown Malts Festival.

It’s competition time and we’ve got a doozy for you. The chance to take a VIP tour of the Glen Scotia Distillery, experience a dunnage tasting with master distiller Iain McAlister, and more…

That’s right, we’re sending you off to Campbeltown, Scotland for its famous Malts Festival courtesy of Glen Scotia. The brand has had a wonderful time recently, winning Best in Show at the 2021 World Spirits competition for its 25 Year Old, and we’ve spoken to the master distiller about all things Glen Scotia below. Before we get to that, however, here’s what is on the cards if you win this comp:

  • standard or economy rail return travel for 2 people from any single named station in the United Kingdom to Glasgow, Scotland (dates and times to be confirmed by Loch Lomond Group);
  • standard accommodation for 2 people with breakfast (i) in Glasgow for 1 night, and (ii) in Campbeltown for 1 night (total 2 nights);
  • complimentary coach travel between central Glasgow location to Campbeltown in order to participate in the festival;
  • complimentary VIP Tour of Glen Scotia Distillery;
  • complimentary VIP Dunnage Tasting;
  • attendance to Glen Scotia Festival Gala Dinner;
  • a limited edition Glen Scotia Gala Dinner Festival Bottling; and
  • attendance to Glen Scotia Distillery Festival with complimentary lunch.

To enter, all you have to do is purchase a bottle (or more!) of Glen Scotia Victoriana Cask Strength. That’s all.

You have until 31 October to enter, so don’t miss out on the chance to win a free trip to one of whisky’s greatest festivals. It’s worth saying at this point that, if the much-feared event does happen and the Malts Festival is postponed, the dates and details of the trip will be adjusted to match. T&C’s apply and are below our interview with McAlister. Best of luck to everyone who’s entering!

Glen Scotia

Glen Scotia Distillery is giving you an amazing opportunity

Master of Malt: You’ve just won Best in Show at the 2021 World Spirits competition, first off, congratulations, second – how does it feel? 

Iain McAlister: Simply fantastic! It is a humbling experience that gives something back to the incredibly dedicated Glen Scotia team, and what’s more, it helps to put Campbeltown whiskies firmly back on the map. I feel incredibly proud of the distillery’s achievement – it stands among the last of the many in Campbeltown and it is wonderful to be part of its renaissance. 

MoM: Can you share your thoughts on what made Glen Scotia stand out to the judges? 

IM: I’d like to think it was the unique qualities of a classic Campbeltown malt: the distinct flavour profile, the coastal influence, and all that local whisky-making history that has been poured down through the years. I was always taught by my mentor and former director that “good whisky just cannot be made, it must be created”. Wise words as it turned out, I spent five years learning all things Glen Scotia and then the next ten years working to perfect them. It takes a while to create a classic Campbeltown dram! Our region’s whiskies are wonderfully intriguing and appeal to those who appreciate something a little off the beaten track – I like to think that has all helped to make an impression with the judges.

MoM: Campbeltown has a relationship with the whisky industry as a whole – could you share a little about what that means? 

IM: Yes, it certainly does! There is nowhere quite like Campbeltown and its association with whisky. It’s the fifth official whisky-producing region in Scotland and was once the Victorian whisky capital of the world. In its heyday, it boasted over 27 legal distilleries through the 19th century – quite an achievement for a small town on the West coast of Scotland. Its harbour and location further made it an internationally well-connected town, both for exporting and access to the finest casks from abroad. That certainly led to a formidable reputation that was the envy of the world! Only three distilleries survived the tests of time, of which Glen Scotia is one, so this award is a wonderful further contribution to the history of Campbeltown as the ‘Whiskiest Place in the World’.  

Glen Scotia

Say hello to master distiller Iain Mcallister

MoM: Do you think the terroir of Campbeltown and its interaction with the history of whisky as a whole played a role in the development of Glen Scotia and its latest win? 

IM: Certainly, with any Glen Scotia whisky, it is all about provenance and that provenance is all about the region of Campbeltown and the relationship Glen Scotia has with it. Both are inextricably linked and have developed over the years to reach the principle of this recent win. It is a wonderful feeling for me personally seeing Campbeltown doing so well again in the whisky world.

MoM: Tell us the story of the 25-year expression.  

IM: The 25 Year Old is an example of that fantastic relationship bourbon casks have with Glen Scotia, some of the best whiskies, and indeed flavour profiles, are based on this bourbon influence. The 25-Year-old has been taken from refill bourbon barrels and given a 12-month finish in first-fill bourbon barrels. The refill encapsulates a tropical distillery flavour profile, whilst the first fill drives those rounded sweet toffee, fudge notes in moderation. As ever that signature Glen Scotia sea spray and subtle maritime notes are there. A truly wonderful dram! 

MoM: What’s up next for you? 

IM: Just to carry on doing what we do well: working as a wonderful team and finding new opportunities to bring a taste of Campbeltown to the world. We have our annual Campbeltown Malts Festival coming up in May, which is something we look forward to every year and is always great fun. We’re always grateful when people make the journey to the Whisky Capital! Otherwise, I’ll just be enjoying the incredibly privileged position that is working as the master distiller of Glen Scotia distillery. Slainte Mhath to all! 

Glen Scotia

A visit to beautiful Campbeltown is on the cards

MoM Glen Scotia Competition 2021 open to entrants 18 years and over. Entries accepted from 15:00:01pm 18 October to 23:59 31st October 2021. Date and travel restrictions apply. Winners chosen at random after close of competition. Postal route available. See full T&Cs for details.