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Shipping to the USA

Ok, there’s no way to sugar coat this, so we’re just going to come right out and say it – as of today, we’re stopping delivery to the US.

We’d love to be able to have some idea how and if this is going to change in the future, but we just don’t want to give any false hope.
Suffice to say, 2 things are true:

  • You guys in the USA are extremely important to us, and we are *incredibly* sorry about this.
  • We are working very hard on ways to be able to provide services again with the help of wholesale and retail partners based in-country.
    Thank you for all your incredible support over the years.
    The Chaps at Master of Malt

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    159 comments on “Shipping to the USA”

    1. Shawn says:

      Sad news indeed. Do you chaps have any insight as to what the issue is? I can’t seem to dig up any information via internet searching as to why this has become a prolonged problem. Thanks for continuing to work on the issue, hopefully one day we’ll be able to place orders again. Cheers.

      1. Brent says:

        Since AB Inbev is a distributor in the United States, they legally cannot act as a retailer. It would violate the three tier system.

      2. Nicholas says:

        What is the devil deal? Some details please?

      3. Soo says:

        It’s a National Security matter! DJT – Make America Great Again. Remove new tariffs on Scotch Whisky!

        1. OL says:

          It was bought by Budwiser and if you owned major liquor chains in the US Charging a price. Why would you let another company you now own compete with you?


          1. Kelly O'Rourke says:

            Well that article was a bunch of blah blah corporate blah. Is AB planning to sell it or import it themselves to the US then? Gees, I have to take an international trip to get it in the airport I guess! I bought it in Chile for crying out loud, but I can’t buy it here in the Capital of Consumerism, USA??

    2. Alaric says:

      I see your new masters at AB InBev are liability averse. I hope their clout helps you secure an in-country distributor, otherwise I think TWE is about to eat your lunch in N. America. This is speaking as a long time customer who can no longer use your site.

      1. CC says:

        TWE is also no longer delivering to most of the states in the US.

      2. Derek says:

        TheWhiskyBarrel ships to the US… I just had to make an order there instead of a huge order on MoM. This no shipping to the US policy will cost MoM thousands a year from me alone. Can’t be good for their bottom line.

        1. Janine H. Forbes says:

          Thank you so much for suggesting The Whiskey Barrel. They had what I wanted and it’s coming to me! So excited, which is awesome after the terrible disappointment of MOM not shipping to the US.
          Thank you
          Thank you!!

    3. Michael Marks says:

      The Whisky Exchange seems to have worked it out to be able to ship to quite a few select States in the USA. Perhaps you can talk with their admin and see how to do it. Until then, I’m sorry to no longer be able to shop with you.

    4. Alan S says:

      This is terrible news. As a long time customer I am not only very disappointed but shocked that the new owners would make such a poor business decision. Sad to say but I must shop elsewhere.

    5. JOE JOE says:


      1. HOE HOE says:


      2. James T. says:

        MoM’s stoppage of US delivery doesn’t bother me because no UK online whisky retailer delivers to my state. And that’s because I’m one of the lucky ones – my state bans incoming direct whisky shipments. So MoM’s new US delivery stoppage simply adds insult to injury. Too funny.

        Man walked on the Moon in 1969. It’s now 2018 but we still can’t figure out how to get a bottle of liquid gold from the UK directly to me in the US. LOL. (Actually, I’m crying and *wining* in my *beer*!)

        1. Dave says:

          I live in Massachusetts, where I can have up to 60 cases of wine delivered per year, but I can have a single bottle of distilled spirits delivered to me.

          1. Dave says:

            Oops, that should say CAN’T get spirits, not CAN get it

            1. Craig says:

              You’ve been misinformed. Massachusetts absolutely does allow distilled spirit deliveries direct to consumers. I live in Cambridge and I’ve ordered from MoM multiple times. It wasn’t always the case and it was only changed a few years back but it is allowed.

    6. Adam denecke says:

      Terrible news. TWE and greenwelly among others can ship to several states in the US. You should definitely get in contact with them to see how they are able to still ship to the US…. This really sucks.

    7. Ed says:

      Great news for your UK customers, who kept seeing UK bourbon allocations heading back to the States.

      1. GM Downy says:

        They only trade it away anyway.

    8. NOT GONNA SAY says:

      Is this because of your deal with AB Inbev… so much for global growth, when you just cut out a large country that bought stuff from you.

    9. A says:

      Really disappointing. Hopefully this is a short-term issue while InBev figures out how to deal with the “issues.” Master of Malt has been a great experience over the last few years, and I, for one, will be sad to have to stop sending you my hard earned dollars 🙁

    10. Stephen Connor Wilkins says:

      You’ve thrown us to the wolves. Alas, I will find a quiet shed to cry in

    11. KYSingleMaltMan says:

      I wonder what the issue is with UK retailers and auction houses. I had to cancel an order with Nickolls & Perks, and my auction inventory at three UK online auction sites is in limbo (since their shipments via Fed Ex to my state are now blocked). Yet, I can receive shipments from Germany via DHL. Unbelievable in this day and age of global commerce … or, is there a trade war I don’t know about? 🙂 Really disappointed!

      1. Ed says:

        At least UK companies ship to the States. There’s only one online liquor store in all of America that ships internationally.

        1. KYSingleMaltMan says:

          As I said, unbelievable in this day and age of global commerce. The US has some draconian liquor laws, especially at the state level. I won’t argue that point.

    12. Jason says:

      what happened to the announcement just a week ago about expanded shipping to the US?

    13. Patience Armstrong says:

      Wait, what?!?! I just got an email that said you COULD ship to certain states. Can you tell us WHY we are cut off? Thanks1

    14. David says:

      As there are considerable complexities to the shipping situation, a more detailed explanation would be welcome with the understanding that not all play by the same rules.

    15. G says:

      Wow! This is terrible news. I fell asleep last night before I could make my order and come back today and see this. I had been waiting on getting that bottle for quite awhile. Definitely a huge disappointment.

    16. Ben says:

      A sad day in the USA. Your pricing was always consistently better than TWE and I could always count on occasionally nabbing a Springbank I wanted on here but this is a huge disappointment. Bad move by what I can only assume are the new owners. Thanks for the great service in the past MoM!

    17. PD says:

      So incredibly sorry to hear this as we were waiting until the week end to place a big order of Whiskeys we fell in love with during our trip to Japan 🙁 Complete understanding that this isn’t your fault but hoping to throw another hat in the ring so whoever is in the decision-making chair will see that there is an outpouring of disappointment! Good luck MoM!

    18. Mario Yrun says:

      …bummer, I really enjoyed getting stuff shipped to me that was unavailable in the US…you folks have always provided great customer service as well…..please let us know if this changes and thank you

    19. Heather Hal says:

      I am very sad that I will not be able to have a boozy advent calendar this year, plus the other treats I had planned before then. I hope you figure this out because in this day and age distribution issues should not be holding back your business.

    20. KYSingleMaltMan says:

      Well, I thought a blog was interactive, but no responses from MoM to some of the comments and questions here. Guess we’re on the hook to either move on or check back from time to time to see if the block is lifted. Cheerio.

      1. W. Lynn Rigsbee II says:

        If you are in Kentucky at least there is Party Source, Liquor Barn, and Total Wine.

    21. Nicholas Willnow says:

      Dear M.o.M., I regret to I form you that the individual authoring your blog may need to be sacked. You have somehow managed to be two and a half weeks late for April fools day.

    22. W. Lynn Rigsbee II says:

      Dear MoM:
      Is this a state law or shipping issue? I’ve heard several stories. First FedEx is the problem, next state laws are to blame, now I read it is AB InBev. Yes, US state law are odd, but most of the fault seems to rest with FedEx. Why not UPS? Is AB InBev needed if you ship directly to the US? does anyone actually know what the problem is???

    23. Jenni Fraser says:

      Im just plain agog! Wtf? Im sooooo disappointed, pissed, disgusted, frustrated, etc, etc. This is about the WORST business decision for MoM. Who made this choice and did they leave their reason and business accumen sitting on the bathroom counter at home while they were prepping for work???? Feels like there might b some corporate slimyness going on here. Not that we’ll ever find out what it is. This is very sad and disturbing news. Goodbye MoM… Ill miss you.

    24. sam says:

      Well farewell MoM.
      Time to go back to TWE.

      – Former customer from america.

    25. The Chaps at Master of Malt says:

      Hi Everyone,

      Thank you for the all the comments, and sorry for taking so long to get back to you.

      First off, we would like to apologise again for the fact that we’re no longer shipping to the USA, and for how abruptly it stopped. We know how much this sucks for you guys, and we’re really really sorry.

      Alas, we also need to dispel any hope that this is something we’re going to be able to fix quickly – it’s a really complex situation and we don’t want to promise something we can’t deliver on. As soon as there is something we can share, we promise we will do.

      We know there’s been some confusion here over what the cause is, and some people have suggested that it’s a shipping issue. We’re afraid it isn’t, and this has absolutely nothing to do with the shipping problems that we (and indeed the whole industry) had recently when FedEx changed their “pairing table” (essentially, which states they were happy to ship to from which other states).

      We’re incredibly sorry not to be able to give you better news.

      This is a difficult situation, and we know how disappointed many of you are, but we would like to say how much we have appreciated your incredible support over the years – it’s been an absolute pleasure working with you, and your passion for and love of incredible spirits has been and remains an inspiration to us.

      Thank you.

      – The Chaps at Master of Malt

      1. N.M. says:

        Paragraph 1: Sorry, we were taking our time figuring out how to apologize again without actually saying anything new. See below.

        Paragraph 2: Sorry again. We mean it.

        Paragraph 3: We’re not shipping to the US anymore. We mean it, sorry.

        Paragraph 4: No, it’s not shipping. We won’t say why we’re cutting you off, but it’s not shipping.

        Paragraph 5/6: Sorry again. It’s been real!

      2. Sheila Carlson says:

        You suck and so does AB InBev. I had finally found the perfect Christmas gift for my husband, advent calendar, and now I can no longer get it for him!! Piss off MoM! Go fuck yourself, AB InBev, your products are shit anyway! I’m so angry!!! UGH!

        1. Michael Winner says:

          Calm down, dear. It’s just booze.

          1. Nathan Alred says:

            “Just booze” he says.


    26. Drew says:

      “We are working very hard on ways to be able to provide services again with the help of wholesale and retail partners based in-country.”

      Really, what does this mean?

    27. Ken says:

      I suspect the reason behind the halt in US shipping involves a bigger beverage fish (which in turn is a subset of an even bigger conglomerate beverage fish) recently swallowing the group that owns and operates MoM. There’s probably a wholesale distribution model inherent with the new overlords that precludes MoM’s current retail setup to the States. So much for the idea that mergers and acquisitions really benefit the average consumer, lol. Interestingly (ironically?) the company that just purchased MoM is quoted as saying, “. . . it intends to increase its e-commerce performance and boost global operations . . .” with the purchase of MoM. Well, they’re sure off to a glorious start! My best guess is that this debacle will take a good amount of time to resolve, and the end result will be less choice in offerings and a more complicated ordering process for us residing over the pond, not to mention higher prices. Sadly, when it comes to progress, bigger is rarely better. I’m off now to visit The Whisky Exchange . . .

    28. Peter says:

      Any Cognac guys over here?
      Just order your bottles at Cognac Expert. Fantastic customer service, so go for it! The team over there is shipping to the US…

    29. Jim Gibbs says:

      I find it amusing that I can get scotch purchased from sellers in certain states to be shipped to me in Florida. Fedex still does provide this service on a case by case basis. If this restriction placed on MoM and. Florida consumers by state laws, then how can any seller ship to Florida? Fedex shouldn’t be able to pick and choose which state they want to permt alcohol shipments.

    30. I just received sn email of expanded US deliveries from MoM on the 11th of April. Then a week later all is lost?

    31. Evan says:

      Sounds like this has to do with locals complaining and/or the MoM team’s political views. I respect that, good luck!

    32. Jim Gibbs says:

      I believe Florida retailers get a very poor selection of scotch from their distributors. I look at the shelves and say who is going to buy some of this stuff? Some of it is good and certain bottlings are so darn overpriced they should be charged with price gouging. Imagine $775 for a Talisker 25 yr old. Reason I used MoM and TWE is not the cost but the good selection. Plus Florida distributors don’t handle the whisky correctly for the most part.

    33. Ted Stryker says:

      Where can I find some alternatives with shipment to USA? I was just about to pull the trigger and looks like I’m about 8 days too late. I made a promise to get some Blanton’s Gold! TWE is out.

      1. HL Marks says:

        Search online: The Really Good Whisky Company

    34. Nidia says:

      I was looking forward to placing an order for my boyfriend’s birthday coming up in two weeks. Tried to check out earlier and I got the news. Very disappointed with this decision.

    35. Erik says:

      Well I hope they don’t like making money as I just placed my order with TWE because I can’t with you. Really not smart for the powers that be. People don’t forget being treated poorly. Very unfortunate.

    36. Mike Finn says:

      I used the Really Good Whisky Company – they ship to the USA and are reasonably priced – sorry M.O.M. it looks like i’ll be going to them from now on!

    37. Pete says:

      Very sad to see this. I’ve spent thousands with MoM shipping to US. It was the best and now it’s gone, I feel like I’ve just lost a very good friend.

      First Reddit kills scotchswap and now budwiser kills Master of Malt. Not a good year.

      RIP my dear Master of Malt xx

    38. Master of Malt have had the last of my business. I’m in Miami, and have made a few orders from a website called The Really Good Whisky Company. It gets here within a week! No need to mess around with inferiors.

    39. Charles says:

      MoM made a deal with the devil on this one. What used to be one of my favorite sites to visit is now to be removed from my list. Sad day indeed.

    40. peolpesperson says:

      don’t worry guys…we are just going to cut you off for as long as AB InBev see it fit cos they don’t give a shit….
      BTW how long do you think it will be before they rip the asshole out of the atom group (MoM)
      bringing the company to its knees
      AB InBev are notorious for doing this…..big companies don’t give a shit

    41. Charlie says:

      There is a problem around the country with retailers shipping from out of state. One of my Wash State wine purveyors cant ship UPS or FEDEX anymore to me and is looking to get a new shipper. Direct from Vineyards is ok but state to state from a retailer is a NO GO

    42. Tim says:

      Well this news just sucks. I want a flash sale sample set. Why s buying whisky so complicated?!?!?!

    43. Tim says:

      April 18, “AB InBev, has purchased Atom Group for an undisclosed sum.”

      No wonder everyone is pissed off. This is a nightamare. AB InBev is an evil organization. I’ll remember the old MOM fondly but I’ll never give a dime to InBev. Fuck off!

    44. Natálie REZNIK says:

      Well I guess it’s time to send AB a nice little bug to their inbox. Let’s see what happens we they go down for a day or two or 3 or 4…..

    45. Mark Walter says:

      I guess that I can no longer to business with you. I had my cart filled today and received this notice when I tried to purchase. If you don’t want to do business with me, I guess the feeling is mutual.

    46. Adele says:

      I was about to buy my 3rd advent calendar when I received the message. Please update your website, it should not let me add items to my cart if they will not ship to the US.

    47. Ken says:

      Seems like every day the monopolists win and the customer loses choice. How is this the supposed “land of the free” and bastion of “free markets” when we keep getting shafted by globalists? And why would MoM close a deal that alienates 300 million potential Scotch lovers? Why not a clause that let’s you operate as an independent entity with regards to the states? Think I can guess the answer … money talks and the rest is BS. Sad news all around. Not cool MoM.

    48. Richard says:

      All good things do not need to come to an end…I have been through a couple of divorces and this one hurts the most…but save me some $$$ in lawyers.
      Take care MOM

    49. George Jetson says:

      TWE: “Currently, we are only able to deliver to the following states: Alaska (Anchorage only), California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Idaho, Florida, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont, Virginia and Wyoming. ”

      That’s nearly half of the US, not bad.

    50. Jen Mervine says:

      OMG, no!!
      So what do I do with all these gift certificates I’ve been hoarding????

      1. Kristiane Sherry says:

        Hi Jen,
        We’ve just issued a refund for two of them – do let us know if you have any more. Hope that helps.

    51. Matt Joyce says:

      This is the saddest thing I’ve read in a good long while. And I was reading trumps twitter feed on Saturday.


      Well my day is now one of mourning.

    52. Matt says:

      NOOOOOO !!! And I can’t find my Scotch ANYWHERE but here.

    53. raffeal says:

      Do you understand how phucking PISSED I am right now!?! Your guys are my favorite!!! I know its not your fault. this si ….too phucking much.

    54. raffeal says:

      OR….maybe it is your fault!!!!!!!

    55. Alan Van Nevel says:

      I for one, would like to see an explanation. I’m very disappointed that MoM offered a retread explanation days after the first one and still has not said why, other than it is complex. I’m a smart guy, as probably many others on here are, so why not give it a shot of explaining why, and to whom should we direct our ire?

      Without knowing why you just ruined my Christmas (no advent calendar,which I talk up every year), any brand loyalty I might feel is rapidly ebbing away.

      So why is MoM not shipping to the US?

    56. EBSlade says:

      They must be Trump haters. Most of us here in the USA hate him even more. C’mon, start shipping.

      1. Steve says:

        Actually, most of us support our President. He’s doing a phenomenal job. Worthless liberals, like you, know as little about Scotch as you do about politics. So, this is no big loss for you and I’m not sure why you’re even posting. The election was an awesome victory for America. Losing MoM is not.

        1. I citizen. says:


      2. KA says:

        Most of us didn’t even vote for him smart guy. Tariff’s are good for no one and remember this post when the economy crashes next year.

    57. Richard Martin says:

      Quoting MoM:

      What’s gonna change?
      We are not going to change a single thing …

      What does this mean for customers?
      All good things! We get to accelerate everything we’re already doing…

      I’m confused.

    58. Marc says:

      Just came across this – after browsing, making a selection, putting it in the cart and the proceeding to checkout.

      Hey MoM: if a customer selects USD you should make it obvious up front that you no longer deliver to the USA rather than wasting my time browsing your site. Please?

      I see in these comments, others have mentioned TWE which I also checked out – they didn’t have the item I was looking for but, joy of joys, I also found another merchant who do have the item. They’re called The Whisky Barrel, the item I wanted is a little more expensive with them but I can actually get it delivered to the US!

    59. James says:

      Has there been any progress in this “shipping to the US” matter?

    60. Mike G says:

      Alf strikes again!!

    61. Adam says:

      Also checkout dewinespot.co – they carry a few European only releases and they are in States!

    62. Sir Rick Johnson says:

      Master of malt, please let me know when you can sell again to California and I will be one of the first to purchase a few bottles !

    63. Keg says:

      When will this be resolved? Is there anyway to receive notice on when shipping to the U.S. is happening again?
      Bring back the shipping to the U.S. it’s pretty important!

    64. Loretta says:

      Try lovescotch.com. No “boutiquey whisky”, but great selection, ships to all but 8 states and located in the US, so shipping prices are much lower. Do a little research and you’ll find what you need.

    65. MB Barber says:

      I am so disappointed by this news! Just filled my cart with fun Father’s day treats for my husband. Please notify us when you can ship here again – we love your company and your products and reviews. We just ran out of the 18-year-old Smokehead which I see is sold out too!

      Thank you!

    66. Ana says:

      I am VERY disappointed about this decision. I have been a loyal customer for years, and tell EVERYONE about your Drinks by the Dram, the Advent Calendars, and the ability to purchase difficult-to-find whiskies.

      I saw this quote in a recent article about the acquisition:
      Justin Petszaft, group managing director for Atom Group, said: ‘This deal is an amazing moment for our business, which has gone from working out of a shed in Kent, to one of the UK’s fastest-growing companies.

      ‘We’ve always been a technology-focused business, building our eCommerce platform from scratch to give consumers the best experience possible and we recognised a kindred spirit in ZX Ventures, in its mission to innovate, grow and answer new consumer demands.’

      So what about the “mission to innovate, grow and answer new consumer demands?” Pretty sure abandoning your US customers doesn’t fit that mission. While I appreciate the apologies, an explanation would be more satisfying!

    67. Eric says:

      MusthaveMalts.com does ship to the USA, albeit max. 3 bottles per order.

      1. Julian Close says:

        Preposterous prices. Don’t bother.

    68. William says:

      Can we get an honest straightforward explanation on why you can no longer ship to the US?

      I have seen posts about it being AB inbev being a distributor in the US; however that would be a temporary thing that has multiple avenues to resolve. You recently responded to a customer’s email with the response:

      “I’m afraid to say that as of right now we do not and will not ship to the USA. This is a business decision that is permanent now and will be permanent at Christmas.

      Of course if this changes we will display it on the website.”

      So can you explain to some of your previous loyal customers why this is a permanent decision?

    69. Robert Slayton says:

      Joseph Petszaf, founder and managing director at Atom Group, said on the Drinks Retailing News website (http://drinksretailingnews.co.uk/news/fullstory.php/aid/17644/AB_Inbev_snaps_up_Master_of_Malt.html ): “We are not going to change a single thing about what we do or how we do it. Not our people, not the way we do business, not our mission, not our values” How does this square with cutting off customers because of the sale?

    70. Richard Martin says:

      I just found this website, prices seem low, as well as shipping charges:


    71. Bourbon Hater says:

      It’s a crock…I have been getting Cuban cigars from England Switzerland Germany Australia the Med/Lebanon shipped in for 35 years + (as well as going to Cuba) this is more than likely a price hike/fix scheme….. At the same time i did the same thing selling my company for $$$$$$, just to watch the new owners ruin it (investment bankers)……Now who is the smart chap that will step up and middle man buy and ship to the USsAr ???

    72. Stephen Garrow says:

      Sorry to hear this. Looking forward to better news …both home and abroad.


    73. Stacey Parson says:

      Just chiming in with everyone else. This is really disappointing. The Advent Calendars were such a hit for Christmas. The selection was great. Shipping and packaging were reliable. I feel like I discovered something glorious, had a brief time to enjoy it, and then found it taken away just as I began to really enjoy Scotch. I hope things change, but alcohol distribution just seems to be more restrictive lately.

    74. Mike Riddle says:

      Very disappointed

    75. Ken M. says:

      An original UK customer who moved back to the States here…. Continued placing orders as US customer once back; placing orders both for the States and friends/colleagues in the UK. So disappointed. Will be moving on to another provider for both.

    76. Erin says:

      Very sad, I finally found someone who skips Kirkjuvagr and has some interesting whiskey and doesn’t ship to the US. I hope it changes.

    77. Katherine Barcsay says:

      Hi there,

      I have a credit that I am now unable to use since you no longer ship to the US. Is it possible to get that refunded?

      1. Jade (Customer Service) says:

        Hi Katherine – yes of course! Please can you get in touch with contactus@masterofmalt.com with your order number?

    78. Carol Manson says:

      There is a bottle I particularly want to buy. Is there any way I can buy it (pay you for it), and have you hold it until you can ship to the U.S. again?

      Hope you get the ship-to-the-U.S. problem solved–I’m just sending out good wishes on that, and good luck!

      1. Jade (Customer Service) says:

        Hi Carol! Unfortunately not – we would hate to be holding your money indefinitely as we have no plans at the moment to re-start USA shipping 🙁

    79. Julian Close says:

      That’s it. Total war against AB InBev, and damned be he who first cries “Hold! Enough!”

    80. Kate says:

      Does anyone know where I can order Whisky Tasting sets from in the US? I was so looking forward to ordering some for my husband’s 40th birthday, only to be sucker punched when I went to place the order. Thanks for any info you can provide!

      1. Barbara Pfeiffer says:

        Try the Whisky Exchange. I just placed an order with them. They have tasting kits – but not many and they are pricey (and IMHO not as good as MOM). But maybe you could do something with their minis? 🙁

      2. Leo Allegranza says:

        Try Flavair.com

    81. Barbara Pfeiffer says:

      Try The Whisky Exchange. I just found out about MOM today as I was ordering for my husband’s birthday and really sorry to see this. But I just placed an order with Whisky Exchange and seems to have gone well. Delivery to the US is expensive (as it always is) but they do have tasting sets! Personally I hope MOM comes up with another option for shipping. I have really loved their inventory and service so will miss them.

      1. Harish V says:

        Barbara Pfeiffer – did your order from Whiskey Ex change. make it home without trouble? Can you please confirm?

    82. Barbara Pfeiffer says:

      This is really sad and from the follow-up posts it looks like it’s going to be a permanent thing 🙁 So sorry to hear this. I hope you are keeping a list of all your US buyers though and will notify us if something changes?

    83. jen says:

      Fingers crossed things change………….one day soon!!!!

    84. Matthew Joyce says:

      AB InBev… does they evil know any boundary? The vile scum…

    85. Brian says:

      Greed and destruction of competition is the problem here. AB InBev bought MoM out or the owners caved in. Either way, I won’t be doing any business with MoM even if they start shipping to the US again. AB InBev has been quietly grabbing up the craft breweries in the US at an alarming rate and has caused A LOT of beer fiends to stop drinking anything owned by ABINBEV. Same thing here for whisky. I might end up paying more for scotch elsewhere but so be it.

    86. Alex says:

      Just when I had a place with reasonable enough shipping to get my Icelandic beers (do you have any idea how expensive it is to have ANYTHING shipped to me direct from there?! Even a single piece of liquorice ends up being $20!), it all goes to pot! I’d go to Total Wine, but even they can’t send it to me!

    87. C. L. says:

      Nooooooooo!!!!!! Life won’t be complete without a whisky advent calendar.

    88. AB says:

      Does anyone know another website where we can order stuff then?

      1. Tracy says:

        Did you happen to find anyone else?

    89. Josephine Feen says:

      I have my IT business setup in USA and Australia. When I am in USA I order my drinks from Masterofmalt and when I am in Australia I order from HelloDrinks.com.au. They provide great service with full co-operation. Now just hope that you guys start delivering to USA soon.

    90. Tracy says:

      This is awful. I missed out getting my husband one last year and now I’m actually early ordering and you don’t ship to the US. Does anyone know of anywhere else to order an advent calendar?

      1. Tom says:

        DrinksByTheDram.com has links to retailers who sell their advent calendars. A handful of sites carry a couple, but I’ve found HardToFindWhisky (htfw.com) to have the entire set.

    91. chris says:

      Please let me know when I can order from the USA. this is a great dissapointment

    92. Steve says:

      MoM will lose lots of revenue by no longer wanting to ship to the United States. This is nothing more than unwarranted aversion to U.S. customers. Very unfortunate, and bad business because you deem U.S. customers “inconvenient”. Please remove “we ship anywhere worldwide”, as this amounts to false advertising and misleads hopeful U.S. prospects who would love to order from a great UK store which is unwilling to service Americans (unless they reside in UK or EU).

    93. Matt says:

      Pathetic. I hope this decision is killing your bottom line.

    94. Greg says:

      This is such an awful decision for the US. I tried finding distributors inside the usa to import and haven’t found one yet that is willing to import Valhalla or Salmiaski Koskenkorva from Finland. They all tell me that it has to go through a main distributor like In Bev, etc or get it directly from the company, but no company related to that liquor will ship directly. Such a bummer!

    95. Sec says:

      Best alternatives (in order of high opinion):


    96. Eric Waddell says:

      Advent calendar alternative suggestions please

      1. MLaf says:

        I googled drinks by the dram and found a few places to buy from. Haven’t purchased yet but plan on trying these guys. muazo.co.uk/drinks-by-the-dram-advent-calendars-2018-c113

        Muazo . Co . Uk without the spaces.

      2. AR says:

        Muazo ships drinks by the dram advent calendars to America: muazo.co.uk/drinks-by-the-dram-m82

    97. Andrew Waldman says:

      I’ve had success with Must Have Malts in the Netherlands. They don’t ship to all US states but more than TWE. Selection a bit more limited, website being worked on, and shipping takes a while. But some decent finds there and good customer service and packaging.


    98. AR says:

      Dear MoM,
      While I understand you cannot ship to America, you can prevent prospective American shoppers from spending hours gleefully filling up their virtual shopping carts with items guaranteed to delight only to be told MoM cannot ship to America. Perhaps when the site asks shoppers to confirm their location, MoM could casually mention us Yanks are cut-off from deliciousness.

    99. SG says:

      Dear MOM, I offer the same comment as AR — I recommend posting the bad news about shipping to the US in a more prominent location. I received my last shipment flawlessly, so I didn’t event think to check about delivery before spending hours shopping. Thanks for the memories!

    100. Julie says:

      As others have mentioned, it would be nice to not have my time wasted. Your site was able to detect my location in the US in order to tell me that prices listed are approximate and I would only know the exact total at checkout, but it couldn’t tell me I can’t actually order anything. Maybe instead of telling me about tax issues, you could tell me it’s just not going to happen, before I try to shop and check out.

      I’m very sad to not be able to give you my money! I hope it changes someday soon.

    101. Tricia Berg says:

      Can you please email us when this changes? I am so bummed I won’t be able to have my advent calendars this year!

      1. Tom says:

        DrinksByTheDram.com has links to retailers who sell their advent calendars. A handful of sites carry a couple, but I’ve found HardToFindWhisky (htfw.com) to have the entire set.

    102. Kristen McGillivray says:

      Man! This was the best gift last year and I was planning on making it a yearly tradition 🙁 Hope things can change soon.

    103. Rich Dula says:

      I enjoyed my Advent Calendar last year and I was really looking forward to the 2018 installment. I hope this changes soon, but being as how it’s already been 6 months, I’m guessing there’s no good end in sight for us on this side of the Pond. 🙁

      1. Tom says:

        DrinksByTheDram.com has links to retailers who sell their advent calendars. A handful of sites carry a couple, but I’ve found HardToFindWhisky (htfw.com) to have the entire set.

    104. Michelle Hobbs says:

      I’m so disappointed. I had cottoned on to this site from finding out about your Gin Advent Calendar and had filled a cart with gin tasting samples – but even though I can’t actually buy anything from the site, it will still be a nice reference for trying gins and reading their reviews. Awesome site guys, just not as awesome as it could be through no fault of your own.

    105. Stephen Slocomb says:

      My girlfriend loved the Irish Whiskey advent calendar and now that appears to not be an option anymore. It was such a good way to be introduced to many new options. We ended up buying several of the samples

    106. Megan Shields says:

      Oh nooooo 🙁 I am so crushed we can’t get our annual Whiskey advent calendar this year. A tradition dashed. There isn’t even another place to really get what we are looking for.

    107. Fred Barclay says:

      Hi Guys I managed to place a few orders on whiskyshop.com got my advent calendar shiped to the USA from them. Still love the calendars so far bought the bourbon one and the Japanese one. Thanks for still finding a way to get these to my in NY

    108. Tom says:

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! And here I thought 2018 couldn’t get any worse.

      For anyone looking for ADVENT CALENDARS:
      DrinksByTheDram.com has links to the retailers who sell each of their advent calendars. A handful of sites carry one or two, but I’ve found HardToFindWhisky (htfw.com) to have most of them.

      1. Heather says:

        Thanks, Tom! Will be checking this out.

    109. Heather says:

      Just stopped in to buy my advent calendars and was met with this VERY sad news. Sad to be looking elsewhere. FIX IT.

    110. MrsSalty says:

      Oh no. I buy this for my husband every year. Leave it to 3G to screw up another American company and another situation.

    111. GinSim says:

      I’m crushed. I order the Whisky Advent Calendar every year for my son. Christmas is ruined. I do wish you could be more direct about exactly WHY you can no longer deliver to the U.S. If it’s because of Trump’s ridiculous tariffs I will explode. One more reason to hate what he’s doing to America.

    112. steve p says:

      Really disappointed by this news as I have loved getting their products-I am now using the really good whisky company, nickolls and perks and the spiritco.com they seem to be able to deliver to the states pretty promptly

    113. E. Vervaart says:

      So sad, it’s unbelievable!!!
      I found some new guys, ordered several times to the USA, great service!
      ONLINE SHOP: WhisQy.com

      Good Luck MoM!

    114. ELTON T says:

      Grr not happy as I used to stock up for xmas from MOM and their customer service people were really helpful- I have also had recent good service and speedy shipping to the U.S from whiskyshop.com a good guy by the name of neil is useful to know there , shelly a lady at the really good whisky company really knows her stuff-I have also started to use thespiritco.com – pleasingly quick delivery of my advent calendars to florida others that I have used to ship to the states are Luvians,The Greenwelly stop,Robbies, and a very knowledgeable team at whiskyandwines.com hope the names above help people to find their tipples and drams in the absence of MOM

    115. Regan Clack says:

      Found a retailer that actually can ship in the US only downside is you are forced to buy more than one.
      Hope this helps.

    116. Elusis says:

      Are you fucking kidding me? What is the point of anti-trust legislation if it never gets exercised and we as the consumer get fucked. Now we can purchase advent calendars from secondhand places at a further mark-up? Fuck that. Fuck InBev. Get stuffed.

    117. Bruce Roberts says:

      ….its InBev I bet my money on it; thats why I stopped drinking a Budweiser.

    118. Chris Detrick says:

      This is frustrating for sure. I do hope you can begin to ship to the USA again soon. In the meantime, I just finished off two bottles of the Wray & Nephew Coconut Rum my wife and I got on our honeymoon in Jamaca in 1986. It is the bottle that has been discontinued with a blue lable that has a picture of a coconut with a sunset in the middle of it. I would love to find someone who has a bottle or two willing to sell them here in the US already. We had hoped to open these for our 50th anniversary but my kids grew up and broke into them so we felt we should finish them off since they were opened.

    119. Michael Gardiner says:

      My partner and I are (1) a lawyer and (2) an American businessman with a Scottish company and we’d like to help. We suspect we can. We know we’d like to help.

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